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Well after doing a couple of supersprint events last year I have just joined triathlonScotland so I can get discounted entry to UK events.

Moving to Sprint then possibly an Olympic distance at the back end of the year.

Working towards a Half Iron Man in 2015 when I hit 40. :shock:

Anyone else doing anything energetic?

I'm training for the Liverpool half marathon as many are aware, training is going reasonably well at the moment. Did 12 miles in total last week, upping every week. Last week also included a couple of nights out on the pop as well which didn't help though.

Obviously this is not as gruelling as a Triathlon but it's going to be tough.


Stolen Orions on fire off the hard shoulder of the M8. I watched neds litter in the dark near the Tennents shop. All those... moments... will be lost in time, like [coughs] tears... in... rain. Time... to die...

Why be good at one discipline when you can be crap at three ;)

I have a few triathlons this year, a funny German distance in Abu Dhabi (1.5/100/10) at the start of March which will also give me the opportunity to have a go in JL's new turbo Porker :)

Off-road olympic distance in Nepal Easter weekend, my first full IronMan in Zurich in July, then the 70.3 World Championships in Vegas in September 8)

Majority of weekends will have road races and time trials, plus a couple of marathons towards the end of the year.

Does that count as energetic?

Cheers, Rich


_ said...

Plus I'm the biggest cvnt out there, so that helps.

Daddydadbo said...

Working towards a Half Iron Man in 2015 when I hit 40. :shock:

Oh, forgot to say, stop being a girl and just do one :lol:

My first triathlon was a half IronMan last year, and I did it 3 weeks after running my first ever marathon :P

Cheers, Rich


_ said...

Plus I'm the biggest cvnt out there, so that helps.

A couple of sportives on the bike are my aim this year, have entered the Lionheart in March so far.

I appear to have entered myself into the British Judo Masters Championships in September. I think I'm going to get smashed.


Something witty goes here.....

If you get all wobbly-lipped about the opinion of Internet strangers, maybe it's time to take a bath with the toaster as you'll never amount to sh1t anyway.

Duathlons are getting my interest this year as I hate the swimming bit.




I've got a note from my Mum.


Even my earwax is radioactive.

One of my best mates here did Iron Man in Australia last year ... I've never seen so much training in my life, but he did very well and considers it a real 'life' achievement ... fair play, don't think he's got the time to commit to training again for another few years.

Couple of things planned:

Dorset 50 miler BHF ride
L2B BHF ride
and finally the 3 peaks within 24hrs in July.

And i'm fat!

I'm ok at xbox....


Beany said...

Oh dear lord can I marry you? <3

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