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Clack :shock:



Bunta's Tofu

Must have ditch finders on it as on new Michelin Pilot Sports I cannot get mine to do anything close to that. Total nutcase but not a bad driver. :shock:

Great driving skill but I've never seen a video like that on public roads!

reminds me of get away in Stockholm


New Skool Turbo Power

YouTube Channel

Some of the rear-facing shots of the M5 following were very Ronin like 8)

Total twat though.


F*ck the internet, I was doing this My Way.

Doesn't seem very wise to post a video like that with the number plates clearly visible and the drivers name in the title.

Is it Russian? If so I doubt anyone would give a fvck.


How about not having a sig at all?

A bell-end that can drive an M5 well is still a bell-end.

Mito Man said...

Is it Russian? If so I doubt anyone would give a fvck.

GE numberplate. Georgia, formerly part of the Soviet Union

exiges said...

A bell-end that can drive an M5 well is still a bell-end.



Now fueled by heavy oil...

What a twat, dangerous and irresponsible but like others I can't ignore the fact that he is a pretty decent driver.


Stolen Orions on fire off the hard shoulder of the M8. I watched neds litter in the dark near the Tennents shop. All those... moments... will be lost in time, like [coughs] tears... in... rain. Time... to die...

The title of the thread sums it up really :shock:

I would disagree, there was a fair bit of unnecessary sawing at the wheel, wasn't smooth and forced a fair few people off the road. Just a matter of time before his luck runs out and he crashes IMO.

Going to end up dead soon, here's hoping he only takes himself out.


Hmmmmm BO! BO! Chick.............. Chick a chickaaahhh!

He's pretty talented and seeing as it was thousands of miles away I found it generally hilarious :lol:


I'm suprised the sheriff hasn't commented yet.

That's either got serious power or the crappiest rear tyres ever!

What an absolute fool though, matter of time before a huge accident happens!


A yellow loltus

John said...

I'm suprised the sheriff hasn't commented yet.

Or Damon Hill :lol:


“If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough.”

enjoyed that

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