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In-keeping with the trend this weekend, I picked up my new car on Friday. It's been a tough 2.5 years without a car for me, whilst reading you lot talking about all the nice cars you own and your various meet-ups! Like many of us, I have spent more than my fair share trawling the classifieds, using my man maths to try and form an argument for various cars, but this one (for me) was the first that withstood the "logical" arguments thrown my way! It's just over 2 years old, has all the extras (Sat Nav was great at diverting round the M6 traffic en route back to Worcester) and first impressions have been very good. It's a lovely looking thing (to my eyes) and vastly quicker and more planted than my previous e46 330ci. So far I've only put about 200 miles on it, so will post some more insightful thoughts once I've driven it a little more.

I approve 8)



Strong Broo Racing

Looks great!

Automatic or auto-blip manual?


Kintegra y0!

The growth of the forum's balls continues 8)

It's a manual, yes. The synchro-rev feature is great. Makes a great noise when you really open it up, but its a little on the quiet side overall - that's about the only negative comment I have so far!

Ooh i like that too! :)

Good choice.

Some great recent additions to le forum.:D

LIKE. We had a 350Z GT which was superb.



Toyota. Flat Cap. Grey Slacks. Slipons. Slower than everyone.

Another big seal of approval from me. Carry on.

Oh, is that the correct spelling of seal in this context? Looks wrong.

JL said...

The growth of the forum's balls continues 8)

But, but, they're not buying BMWs :?

Nice purchase Mr BT!

Very nice!


Jobbo said...

Rev is correct, of course

Very cool. I would love one of those one day. 8)8)8)


Nuts on the road

JL said...

The growth of the forum's balls continues 8)

Indeed, there's a great change in form this weekend from the recent drivel.



Nice choice!

caneswell said...

JL said...

The growth of the forum's balls continues 8)

Indeed, there's a great change in form this weekend from the recent drivel.

Yep, mikethescan is back, people are buying interesting cars, the end of the world must be coming!



Nice! Sounds like you need a noisier exhaust though - make it so!



"Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races."

Excellent choice, the thinking man's GT86 ;)

Things just keep getting better on here 8)


For sure

excellent! 8)

8) Congrats mate!

I love Z cars and the 370 definitely looks better than 350.

Love these - nice colour too.

All these people buying cars with proper engines in too, does no one care about the environment? :lol:



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