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Not an every day situation but it would certainly make for a bit of fun in life should anyone end up in this situation. For whatever reason you can now afford a much more powerful car than the average 130hp Eurobox you drive everyday. Let's say the cars you can now afford are all at least 600bhp+ but you have never driven anything with more than circa 200bhp.

With the addition of driver training which Evo cars would be the best to own while you develop your driving skills to accommodate a modern supercar?

Going straight for the Zonda F isn't going to work, so for example what about;

Lotus Exige 240bhp
Audi Exige 300+bhp
TVR Sagaris

The idea is you will use the lower powered cars as steps up to the supercar, picking up the necessary skills along the way so that you're not likely to have a crash in your new Veyron/LP640/whichever

See, if I had a hypothetical £10million lottery win, I'm really not sure what I'd do.

I certainly wouldn't be adverse to the idea of buying an Agera/Zonda etc straight off the bat. Maybe I'd bin it within a week, but I like to think I could drive it semi-sensibly till I had a decent idea of what was going on. And I could definitely afford to spend some time on airfields with big run-offs etc.

But there's so many "cheap" cars that I'd love to own too. And once you've driven a hypercar a lot of them are going to feel like they lack a certain punch. So maybe I'd go for the cheap ones first, just to stretch out the enjoyment of driving new, previously-unattainable metal?

What would they be? "Numerous" is the best I can do... A massive driveway would be the first purchase.

I guess I would just buy something like a 911 and head straight for Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone with it for some professional driver tuition.
Meantime, I would put in my order for said Agera/Zonda or Veyron. By the time the car is built for you, 12 to 24 months later I guess you'd have had plenty of practice by then.
Oh and congratulations on your mega lottery win. Let us know hypothetically what you'd do.

Well you'd have to get something FR and something MR so that you got exposure to both configurations.

FR - Caterham 7 -> TVR Cerbera -> 599GTO
MR - Lotus Elise -> F430 -> Zonda F

Plenty of driver tuition, handling days and trackdays in each.


Now stop trolling me you hat-wearing thundermut.

Iwould probably have a shot at the Caterham Academy as that seems like a good way to learn about handling traits and what not. I would aslo have a go at rallying, something like the £13k season with VW that used to exist.

I would also do training with pro drivers. AFter all that I would come to the conclusion that I am not really more than average and buy something like an R8 or 911 Turbo and bimble along.

golf gti
focus rs
vanilla porsche
tvr sagaris or tuscan
911 turbo
anything else over 600bhp.

Given that I am used to a FWD 125 hp car I would go RWD medium power first and get some fun driver training - say a 330/335i or M3.

Once I felt I could safely handle 300+ hp then move on to something with double that.


Driving a Galaxy far, far away

I'd probably start with a fairly compact RWD coupe along the lines of a second hand Evora or a Cayman and progress to a GT3 or a Black Series AMG in preparation for my 1 of 1 special from Pagani ;).

I guess it also depends on the situation. If I suddenly had an enormous lump of disposable income, I would find it difficult to resist the temptation to getting a delivered F12 and pay the premium.



Balls to that, I'd just get the 600bhp and not shout "watch this" as I pull out of the dealers.

I went from 70bhp/ton to 220bhp/ton without dying in a fireball. I just took it easy at first.




I'd buy a Zonda and go for some skidpan training. I'd then be secure in the knowledge I could handle anything the road or track threw at me.


I often drive for a road travel

I remember when I bought my S14 200sx I was a bit scared of embarrassing myself and had my mate (turboferret) do the test drive instead. I think this was partly me thinking that he'd have a better idea of whether it was a shitter or not, but it was mainly me being scared of DANGEROUS RWD. What a loser :)

Once I drove it myself I quickly realised that RWD is freaking awesome, and not scary at all. Now, hand me the keys to that 1500hp Gallardo that I'm going to buy with my lottery winnings.

Cerbera was my first serious RWD car 320bhp/ton with no abs or traction control, not a problem and I was a youngster too. Not as scary as you think, just demands respect.

When I was 29 I bought the Ferrari 550 (ok so it isn't 600bhp+ plus) on the suggestion that it was one of the friendliest ways of 'getting to know 500bhp' or thereabouts. And it was. So you need something with transparent handling, a progressive throttle and an organic/analogue feel.


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Rich B said...

Balls to that, I'd just get the 600bhp and not shout "watch this" as I pull out of the dealers.

I went from 70bhp/ton to 220bhp/ton without dying in a fireball. I just took it easy at first.

This ferchrissakes. Its the same argument I hear from folk who want a motoribike but think they'll just kill themselves the first time they open it up :roll:

The vast majority of supercars are pussy cats if driven with common sense, as are motorbikes. Get what you want, book some training and get on with your life :lol:

_Mick_N said...

Cerbera was my first serious RWD car 320bhp/ton with no abs or traction control, not a problem and I was a youngster too. Not as scary as you think, just demands respect.

I found my Cerbera not in any way scary at all and like most high performance car no great problem. The Tuscan is the TVR which really demands respect and it will kill you if you try to take liberties.

I think I would probably just buy the hypercar and take it on a few track days and keep in the back of my mind how much it had cost:shock:

Arrive at Ferrari Dealership, leave with 458 for myself, and Cali for her.

Drive to Gaydon, order a One-77.

Off to Mercedes to order a new E63.


Beany said...

Oh dear lord can I marry you? <3

With most of the super cars, the manufacturers offer driver training courses (a friend was involved in doing this):

I don't see the point in using lower powered cars as stepping stones, as that will only teach you about THOSE cars. I'd just go straight to the car of my choice and have copious amounts of training / seat time until the instructor was happy to sit beside me doing a proper hot lap (which would mean he was comfortable enough to trust my "skilz" ;)).


Nordschleife - there's only two barriers to worry about - the ones on the left and the ones on the right!

Mike Rainbird said...



The Evo forum really is a shadow of its former self. I remember when the internet was for the elite and now they seem to let any spastic on.

IaFG Supercharged Muppet Division

Do modern supercars need that much accommodating, short of a Koeeennniiggsseggg (or however you spell it)?!

I'd be far more worried about giving it the beans in a period supercar, regardless of the BHP involved. The 300SL Gullwing that would be my No.1 post-lottery win car purchase was arguably the world's first supercar and has quite a reputation as a widowmaker in the hands of the inexperienced.

Likewise a Miura...


Exploring the dark side in a brace of Bavaria's finest.

I'd just buy a selection of the cars I wanted and do some driver training for fun and experience then try not to drive like a cock 8)


SD said..... looked like a dog with worms, dragging its arse across the lawn.

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