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...... drove into the back of one of them yesterday ...ARSE.

He was moving, junction was clear, no traffic flowing from the right (in filter lane to go left) and then he wasn't...... went for brake pedal and missed, 7mph collision between a v40 and a passat estate = broken headlamp and slightly malformed bumper for me (pushed a few mm back and a few mm up on the mounting rail from what i can tell - bonnet still opens and closes normally)) and some scuffing and cracked paint for him. Still needed to be referred to insurers though, they're considering if my car is worthy of repair (200,000+ miles but still going strong) or will be a write off, in which case i'll buy it back off them and bash the bumper back into it's approximately correct location and replace the headlamp casing.

Moaning at myself for DIW really

Updated January 10, 2013 at 10:33 PM


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Annoying as this will sound, brace yourself for the obligatory whiplash claim :?

How would you stand if you had video evidence of the person infront moving off then braking suddenly for a clear junction and you rear ended them? Would they take part of the blame or would it still be your fault for not looking where you're going.

I did exactly the same thing in the same circumstances about a month before getting the 911. I was bloody cross at myself, too.

To answer the question about liability, I think you'd really struggle to prove contributory negligence on the part of the driver in front in that situation. The bottom line is that you're supposed to drive in a way that allows you to stop in time if something unexpected happens; whilst dithering at a junction isn't ideal, I'd be surprised if it was thought negligent in such circumstances; I'd say that there's a fairly stark distinction between that and slamming on when properly on the move, despite the end result often being similar.


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I did exactly the same thing a few years ago. Old fella in front starts to go, the road is clear, I take a last glance over my shoulder before pulling out myself and bang. Only a few mph but enough for his tow bar to puncture my grille. Bloody annoying. :evil:

Done it as well a few years ago luckily the guy was happy that there was no damage and left it at that :)


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Yup, done that myself at a roundabout. See it's clear, car in front moving, then inexplicably stopped, with me not stopping quite so quickly :oops:

Cheers, Rich


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I think most people that have been driving any length of time will have done something similar. It's fucking annoying though. I ran in to the back of a Sierra who had set off from the roundabout and then decided to stop on the roundabout blocking off one of the lanes. :roll:


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Actually, I've just remembered recently driving in the dark and rain a Mercedes stopping inexplicably in the outside lane of a dual carriageway just after a roundabout. I stopped, the Peugeot behind me didn't.

The back of my E36 looked totally blemish-free, his front bumper/bonnet less so :oops:

Of course immediately after causing the accident, the Mercedes buggered off, and after a quick chat with the Peugeot driver, so did I :lol:

Cheers, Rich


The "penetration leap from the wardrobe" is always a favourite with the ladiez

:oops: Me as well. Car in front started to pull away at a roundabout, I looked, saw it was clear for both of us and nudged the back of them as they'd stopped again. Came out OK, as their towbar just dented my bumper and they were happy there was no damage and didn't see any point in claiming.

I've also had a woman reverse into me at a junction. She pulled out, stopped part way for traffic on the left, then shot back when she realised she was blocking the road. Luckily she was honest enough to admit liability to her insurers.

Orange Cola said...

How would you stand if you had video evidence of the person infront moving off then braking suddenly for a clear junction and you rear ended them? Would they take part of the blame or would it still be your fault for not looking where you're going.

You should leave adequate space in front in case people have to break suddenly.

He might have seen something you didn't for all you know.

Updated January 11, 2013 at 3:10 PM

Basically the only situation I'm aware of where you run into the back of someone and may not be deemed at fault is if they pull into your lane in front of you and brake.
Otherwise you are supposed to leave a gap to be able to stop.

I did this years ago in my Metro when the guy in front pulled onto a roundabout and then stopped.

You only do it once.*

(* Ok so who's going to prove me wrong?)


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Called the insurance co and asked after the claim as they hadn't deigned to contact me yet - car is being written off but I'm buying it back as I have about £1.73 and some pocket fluff to buy a new one with - which I suspect will not get me a right lot in the way of reliable transportation.

Anyhoo, I asked about excesses and buyback rates (35% of market value seems to be the going rate) and then the lady on the phone said is your car at the repairers........ er, no - it's outside my house as they said that your company (Covea - was Provident/highway/MMA before the merger to one "Brand")don't authorise repair until an engineers report and as my car was drivable I wouldn't get a courtesy car either....

Oh, she says - we'll need to send an assessor out to take some more photo's...... surely they did that last week at the repairers I was sent away from with a patch of sticky back plastic over the remains of my headlamp......... not the right kind of photos, we need these for a valuation so we can work out how much to deduct for the salvage value.

Oh, right then - but they also need the MOT (Done a month ago with only 3 advisories - 2 of which have always been advisories and one of which was tyres which were replaced during the MOT to pass it), the V5 and copies of both parts of my license.

If I'm KEEPING the car why do they want those essentials documents for me to keep it on the road?????


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