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So I've been a bit lax with my webserver updates recently, and I didn't realise that 10.10 (Maverick) reached it's EOL about 9 months ago :!:

So I need to upgrade. Little confused as the best way to go, whether to hit 12.04 LTS then immediately go to 12.10, or just stick with 12.04?

Also, best way to do this? Running 4 websites on this server, seems that getting from 10.10 to 12.04 means going via 11.04 and 11.10 first. Eurgh :( Most just say a clean install is the way to go but...I don't really fancy that route at all!

Suggestions, fellow 'nixers?



If possible, take a full backup of the system (or at least the websites) and then put them into a 12.04 system - IIRC they made major updates to the repos so that it uses MajorVersionJump versions of Python, for example - and I'm aware of people griping about Python 2.6 and 3.0 compatability.

Really, best thing to do is back your sites up (zip 'em down over FTP or whatever), bang 'em into a 12.04/12.10 VM and see how they behave.

We (at work) went from hosted linux to hosted Windows for our webserving and email - other than the tedium of transferring everything over HTTP links, there were surprisingly few problems, even going from Apache to IIS etc - so I'm probably over thinking it ;) but measure twice and cut once, and all that....

If you're keeping the same backend technologies, it'll probably be fine.

How easy it'll be depends on what the websites are doing. A bunch of plain HTML pages? No problem. Fully dynamic sites in PHP? There'll be loads of problems thanks to deprecated stuff etc.

My view is: EOL just means no future patches. If the sites are just running rather than being actively developed and you have no known security vulnerabilities or bugs that are causing you issues then don't bother changing it.

If you do need to do it, then fresh build, redeploy code and test like hell before doing it for real.



3 of the sites are running Wordpress, so it'll be PHP/MySQL back end. I'm not fussed about those, WP is easy enough to deal with.

It the CL forum, thanks to it running a customised version of IP.Board with a fairly hefty MySQL DB behind it that worries me.

As you say Rev - if it aint broke, don't fix it - but I kinda feel like I'm running an outdated copy of Window XP here with no security patches? Or is it different thinking on the Linux side?

My only other solution, is to buy another hosting account alongside my existing one for a month - set everything up on the new one, then just point my domains to the new IP once its working then ditch the old account....



Well, it depends. There's 7 pages of known vulnerabilities in 10.10, most of which will have been patched or will require the installation of custom packages not included in 10.10. This is actually easier to manage now that 10.10 is EOL as there will be no subsequent updates that will overwrite your custom install.

The risk of that, though, is if there's some big vulnerability that becomes known in the kernel which suddenly means you need to do that complex upgrade quickly rather than simply applying a patch. It also means you need to understand what versions of software and libraries you're running and track vulnerabilities in those individually rather than relying on Ubuntu doing that for you.

TL;DR version: The upgrade is complex but your daily operations remains straightforward once you've completed. Not upgrading is easy but means you run the risk of being forced to upgrade anyway and needs a more proactive operational effort.



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