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Another year, another project, and this one should be a doozy.


This one will be chock full of cool characters, I'm quite excited about this. 8)

Have just seen it. Looks bloody good. HULK SMASH!!!!8)


McSwede said...

Never realised Gilles was a Southern fanny though. He seemed like such a decent chap. I shall eye him with suspicion from this day forth ;)


Excellent news Barry!

Will this one have speech like LOTR? I think it adds a hell of a lot to the game having the speech in.


Bunta's Tofu

I would imagine it will have speech, now the precedent has been set, but cannot confirm at this stage.

Shameless bump for a CVG preview :lol:

When's it expected to be released Baz?

I think the aim is for an autumn release this year Gav :)

My nephew can't wait that long Baz, tell the team to pull their fingers out! :D

Believe me, we get plenty pressure to hit deadlines as it is, don't lay the guilt on with the kids :lol:

One of many E3 vids



Cheesy interview with our lead designer :lol:

Updated June 13, 2013 at 1:35 PM

Shameless bump - Stan Lee!


Another shameless bump for those that haven't been spammed enough by me on FB - PC DEMO Now out - treat yourself 8)

Launch Trailer

Go buy it folks 8)

First reviews are coming in:

IGN 9/10 8)

Polygon 8.5/10 8)

average score there of less than 9/10 - sounds crap....

Seriously, well done. it looks ace.

What part do you play in the creation?


Beany said...

Oh dear lord can I marry you? <3

I'm part of the team that builds, animates and sets up the game play in the levels, so basically most of the Lego you see in the levels is down to our team in some form or other. I had control over one full level, two of the freeplay areas and helped with a lot of the pre-level puzzles in the hub area (cue all the complaints) :lol:

What do you actually do Barry, specifically?

Another nice review has surfaced - Game Informer 9-10

As above, when I get a level design its down to me to build the Lego game play, animate it where neccesary, add that to the level, and then set up the links so that things flow together in the puzzles. So when you interact with something, its more than likely it'll have been placed and setup by myself or one of my colleagues.

I also play a part in the ingame camera setup, collision (although not so much on this one), and then obviously I have to bug fix at the end. We're called the "Level Construction Artists" in the credits if you want to check ;)

Demo (XBL) is very good... Kids loved it aswell (4 and 11)


“Agree. F430 Scud was the best automated manual ever created for me.” Harry Metcalfe, Dec ‘17.

IanF said...

Demo (XBL) is very good... Kids loved it aswell (4 and 11)

Cheers Ian. Getting a fairly good average on Metacritic so far too, and its not even out here yet. 8)

ps: Gamesradar let their intern newbie do the review, not sure why he's decided to have a pop.. he won't be getting an early review copy next time :lol:

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