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Went round to see Dad at the weekend as he'd had the kids for the night & he asked me to have a look at his surround sound as it wasn't working.

After a while, I got it sorted & we chatted about my recent TV purchase. He scoffed at the price & said I could've got one like his for half the price (Samsung plasma)

I looked at the picture & said it was awful (which it was) & why wasn't he watching it in HD?

It is in HD - cracking picture that - much better than the old set.

I pulls out the Virgin HD box to see it connected with the scart & the HDMI port still covered with the factory sticker. He's had it for about 4 months :roll:

Plugged it all in & set it up for HDMI & pressed play on Africa HD & the picture was great. "Look at that, I says, much clearer eh?"

"Er, I think so. I can't really see any difference from before to be honest"

And that is why I pay extra for a TV, because I can bloody well see the difference & my eyes aren't so knackered it's like I'm viewing it through glasses made from shreddies! :lol:




Four years ago my parents ordered their first HD LCD TV. Proud with his latest purchase my father asked me what did I think?

"Well its a nice tv, the only problem is that your source is a scart skybox and so the picture quality isn't as good as it could. Did know you could get a new Sky HD box for no extra?"

He scolded me for being a miserable pessimist.

Years later later they are now still paying £50 per month for their scart box sky+ subscription which looks like an upscaled 240p YouTube video. Recently that packed up and was replaced with another knackered box from gumtree.

For years now I have been pointing out they upgrade for nothing only for my father roll his eyes, shake his head and mutter under his breath or pretend he will get round to it.

It's not like he is an old man either who wouldn't know the difference...

I just wonder how long my Dad would have sat there watching TV thinking it was in HD?




You know the little box that comes up listing 'channel' 'picture' 'sound' etc. in it when you press the menu button on the remote control? My dad can watch the TV for hours without noticing that he accidentally put that up. :roll:



Is there anyone on this forum that doesn't give two hoots about Blu Ray, HD, surround sound and 3D. I like a nice hi fi, but never bothered with TV/DVDs etc.

My dad is the same. He got a 50 inch Plasma 3-4 years ago. He has Sky, but refuses to get Sky HD - because he doesn't like the menus, and could not tell the difference in picture anyway. I've come to the conclusion that his memory / brain function is failing, as clearly a slightly different menu is totally confusing.

I happend to be over when Euro 2012 was on, and I had just picked up my Humax HDR box. So I set it up when he was out, and had the channel on HD prior to the match starting.

About 20 mins in - he commented that it was a really good picture, so I told him it was in HD!

The problem with these old folks is that they get set in their ways, and unless someone comes along and forces them to change, they will happily carry on doing the same stupid cr@p until the day they depart this earth.



Jimmy Choo said...

Hang on, Motors is on Freeview now??? I'm off to rescan!

ilmostro said...

Yeah - it's only been mentioned on this forum about 10 million times!

speedingfine said...

Is there anyone on this forum that doesn't give two hoots about Blu Ray, HD, surround sound and 3D. I like a nice hi fi, but never bothered with TV/DVDs etc.

Yeah, I'm not really that bothered. I'm very geeky about other things, but TVs and Hi-Fi have never really interested me that much.

I watched analogue TV until they switched it off :lol:

My dad's normal thankfully.

But he doesn't understand things like the difference between the iPhone 4 and 4s or the ipad 3 and 4 which really gets on my tits. I keep telling him about the different processors but he's like "so what" :roll:


How about not having a sig at all?

I have a 40" LCD and a PS3 for blu rays, other than that I'm not bothered all that much. My dad watches HD Sky on a terrible old LG flat screen, the picture is painfully bad but he's too tight to get a better one.

We've got a 42" Panasonic V50 plasma and a Sony DVD freeview box that does a pretty good job of upscaling. But that's as far as I can be bothered going.

We haven't even bothered replacing the surround system that we binned when we moved.

my grandfather has disabled his antivirus, poo-pooed windows update and broken windows installer. he's also managed to stop his brand new PVR from playing back any of the files he wants to. he says he doesn't know how any of this happened.

i don't doubt that, but i guarantee it's his fault. :/

My dad is of the "All TV's are made in the same factory. They just charge you extra for the ones with Sony on the front" school of thought.

He therefore buys cheap shite and always asks why the picture, sound and indeed program availability is better on mine :roll:


and from the beginning think what may be the end.

speedingfine said...

Is there anyone on this forum that doesn't give two hoots about Blu Ray, HD, surround sound and 3D. I like a nice hi fi, but never bothered with TV/DVDs etc.

It's not just about that. Buying a HD telly & not plugging the HD lead in is a bit akin to buying a car with a 6 speed box & never using 6th gear because 5th was fine on the old car.

I was very 'meh' about big tellys & HD myself until recently. Having watched Africa in HD & played Forza 4 in 1080p, I'm now a convert & am kicking myself a bit that I didn't do it sooner. Plus the space we've gained from ditching the old CRT is tardis-like.

And if you like a good Hi-Fi, surely you gotta love a bit of surround sound?




I like hi-fi and hate surround sound. Music should be in stereo.

Music yes, but a movie?




Gwaredd said...

Having watched Africa in HD & played Forza 4 in 1080p, I'm now a convert & am kicking myself a bit that I didn't do it sooner. Plus the

Taffy, buy Baraka on BluRay, great to show your TV off.

Updated January 8, 2013 at 10:36 AM

My dad seems to be the other way around - he doesn't really care for HD, and has no HD sources, so bought a cheap techwood telly from Morrisons when his old one gave up the ghost.

Decent size (36" I think), has speakers big enough that he can hear stuff clearly, has SCART inputs for his PVR, he's happy with that.

I suggested that he get a new PVR with HDMI, and he scoffed as he knows he wouldn't be able to tell, or appreciate the difference...

Mind you, he also regularly forgets to put the thumb guard on his grinder and so cuts 'n' cauterises his thumb pretty much once a season, so he can't be that bloody sensible.

Gwaredd said...

Music yes, but a movie?

Not fussed, but then movies are pretty dull anyway. They're mostly remakes and sequels.


I dont really get all the fuss about picture quality tbh. I rarely bother watching HD versions of channels. Unless it's sport then it does help to see what's going on. The content is what's important and I doubt I get any more viewing pleasure now than I did from my 14inch black and white.

That said, my LCD sony does annoy me when there's a lot of black in the shot and it gets all blurry. Also my 40inch telly, which looked enormous when I first put it in the room, now looks pretty small somehow..

My parents had BOTH the HDMI and SCART plugged into their TV for a good 6 months before I noticed one day. It was pot luck if they watched the the SCART of HDMI, so sometimes it looked better than others, which they put down to interference...


Beany said...

Oh dear lord can I marry you? <3

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