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On momentarily.

Sky+'d. 8)

Its good.

150mph on a bike, in his swimming trunks :shock: :lol: :D

That clip was brilliant.



"Drink, drugs and driving a black Porsche Carrera what a big brave man he is, also a father and husband, HOW SO VERY SCARY!!!!!!!"

Some great stuff in this, looks a bit like my garage did when I was building mowers. Some great t shirts too.


Just starting to watch it now and it sets off with The Cult. Bang on!

SimonB said...

Its good.

Ar, very. Ta been.That methanol fuelled creation was stunning.

Marv said...

150mph on a bike, in his swimming trunks :shock: :lol: :D

That was :shock: He wouldn't have much skin left if he fell off ,that's for sure!



Was good, enjoyed it despite it being mostly bikes.

Enjoyed this too, most of the guys doing it have a whiff of teh mental about them but that's what makes it interesting - that and i'm from great yarmouth so i wondered who the guy from there was.

Looking forward to part 2 - want them all to break records, that or i expect to see a huge ball of flame but the rider/driver surviving with minor scratches and bruises.


New exhaust valves and pipework fitted

Watched this, very impressed with it so far, lots of information and no silly frippery.

Looking forward to part 2 :D



I came here to drink milk and kick ass..... and i've just finished my milk!!!!

Did anyone watch Part 2 last night?

I won't spoil it for any that didn't as I think it's repeated this Thursday, but it was great to watch. Fantastic spirit displayed by all at the event, and brilliant to watch as people help out complete strangers. Also great to see that some people simply will not accept defeat :D

Should see more of this type of programming from the BBC as they really do seem to have a knack for getting beneath the skin of the content and treating it sympathetically - letting it speak for itself.

Swervin_Mervin said...

Did anyone watch Part 2 last night?

Yep, camaraderie like that is such a rare thing these days, wonderful to watch.

140 mph on a trike ? Itchy beard

I thought he said 160, even more unbelievable.

Can't get too excited about bikes doing low speeds, even the speedliner thing was a bit of a damp squib, but overall a good prog. Bring on Bloodhound.


Really nice finish, a great 2 part series, more of the same please BBC.



I came here to drink milk and kick ass..... and i've just finished my milk!!!!

Recorded this to watch tonight sounds good 8)


BMW Car Magazine @QuentlyBentin

Yep, was a great couple of programmes. Anybody remember Rick posting on here about Flower of Scotland's first year there?

Must admit I felt a bit sorry for the two who had the supercharger fail.



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