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Not all dead I'm sure, but some of these dudes must be by now surely? :shock:

Is tha CerberaMan and his mates ?


Feck that.

They are quite clearly insane! Would you go up there? I'd like to think I would........ but then again :?
I tried googling the tower to see where it is but got no joy.

Updated January 5, 2013 at 8:33 AM

Oh no no no that gave me the heebies after 30 seconds I had to stop watching.


They have certainly been taking their brave pills (or another type of pill/powder). Personally, I woudn't be able to do that. I'm a pussy when it comes to heights like that.


Nuts on the road



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As well as the height danger is it even safe to be that close to something transmitting powerful radio waves? I remember reading on the 28 days later forum about a couple of people who climbed the Belmont transmitter in Lincolnshire without permission. The general view was that they were both going to die a horrible death from cancer due to absorbing the death rays :shock:

There's never been any firm evidence that radio waves cause cancer.


I often drive for a road travel

Nuts plain and simple. I was scared on the sofa!


SD said..... looked like a dog with worms, dragging its arse across the lawn.

Same place I think, and even scarier!



securitycheck said...

I love the way that half the people on here design F1 cars for a living. :roll:

Suprisingly good view from here..... :shock: ;)

nutter girl "skywalker" :shock:

mik said...

Suprisingly good view from here..... :shock: ;)

nutter girl "skywalker" :shock:

The view was excellent in the video you linked to :lol:

THat is definitely daft. I might have had a wee go as a 13 or 14 year old as my mates and I used to do some silly stuff on bridges but nowhere near that height, I would be worried about wind shear that high up! :shock:

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