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Just says try again later, anyone else getting this?

I've been trying all day, have reset the ipad etc. to no avail.


apologies for being old fashioned, but the hard copy works fine :D

Same problem here Dan, been trying all day. Its probably a server glitch as I've now found I get that error trying to download any of my previously purchased issues too... Hoping it gets fixed ASAP.

Ditto, I can't download it either.... silly question, it's not been made IOS6 only like the new Auto Express app has it??? If so, this instanly kills it for all us iPad 1 owners!!


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Just to update - I'm now all good again and 179 is downloading. The app required me to Sign Out and then re-activate it with my subsinfo password...

(edit: iOS 6 *not* required)

Updated January 4, 2013 at 10:45 AM

Thanks for the update Valver.... after logging out & back in, mine is now downloading... now to see if this issue is any more stable than the previous issues!


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