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Not sure about the German in the title but it one likes to follow forum convention!

Anyway, new job meant I aquired a new car just before Christmas and thought I'd share the improvement from the silver Mondeo (not that there was anything wrong with that TBH) with the wider world. Mind, it's not very evo (sorry JL) I know.
Other than it being an oil-burner I am now a fully paid-up member of the autobahnagressorkorps and will only give way to something that clearly has at least 2bhp more than I do (so... most things then).

I have no idea as to the "nuggetyness" of the steering when pushed hard through an alpine pass, I cannot describe the required dab of oppo or slip angles needed when dicing with superbikes and nor can I relate it's behaviour at ten tenths on a wet welsh road. However, it is very comfy (even in it's slightly blingy spec) it is stuffed full of toys, I like the look of it and I enjoy walking it to it when I have to face the M25 at stupid o'clock in the morning.

On the downside I'm not impressed by the economy (45 real life to 56 official), it has no feedback through any inputs and I would have liked the nicer stereo.

Other than that it's all good (and black).

I think that has now restored the balance in favour of recently bought dull cars over recently bought evo cars!


The thrill of two litre diesels???

Nice car :)

I take it it's the 2.0 tdi?

Looks like an S-Line; did you go for full leather or the alcantara/leather?

Dad has a 3.0tdi S-Line with leather/alcantara. Only options he has over standard was the interior/exterior lighting pack (lots of LEDs) and RS4 style wheels.


Thanks Mikey.

You are most correct in that it is an 2.0tdi S-Line. It was "previously cherished" so I had no choice on the spec etc so I've just got plain leather, but I'm not really complaining.

Most enjoyable toy it has is the lazy-driver power tailgate. Best option EVAH! (If it had foot wafting auto open it would be even better but I still enjoy the powered opening and closing. :D


The thrill of two litre diesels???

Looks great 8)

good man, enjoy

Smart looking mway cruiser.

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