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Just giving you guys a 'heads up' in case you may be interested in this.

Teaser Video

DRIVE, the leading automotive channel on YouTube, today announced a partnership with Swedish hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg Automotive AB to produce an online video series exploring the outer limits of innovation in the automotive industry.

The series, Inside Koenigsegg, debuts January 8, 2013 on It will provide, for the first time, a look behind the scenes at Koenigsegg and examine how innovation within the highest echelon of sports car manufacturers will affect the broader automotive world. Company founder and principal, Christian Von Koenigsegg, hosts this nine-part series, which was produced at Koenigsegg headquarters in Angelholm, Sweden.

Inside Koenigsegg will feature Koenigsegg's latest hypercar, the Agera R, which is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the fastest two-seat production vehicle from 0-300-0 kilometers per hour -- an extreme test of a sports car's acceleration, chassis, and braking capability -- a feat the Agera R accomplished in 21.19 seconds. This is Koenigsegg's fourth Guinness World RecordTM since 2003.

Nice one. Something to look forward to!

Talking of the Drive channel, Chris Harris has turned into a lazy turd and not produced any video content since 21st November. Thoroughly unacceptable behaviour ;)


SD said..... looked like a dog with worms, dragging its arse across the lawn.

I thought they already did a documentary about koenigsegg a few month ago where they look behind the scenes at how the cars are made with the owner as well as the new Agera?

Or was that not Drive?


How about not having a sig at all?

Mito Man said...

I thought they already did a documentary about koenigsegg a few month ago where they look behind the scenes at how the cars are made with the owner as well as the new Agera?

Or was that not Drive?

Yes it was drive. I guess both Drive & Koenigsegg got such a great positive response from that documentary that they decided to carry on further.
Hopefully, these new videos will be as good as that.

lots of videos get called teasers when in reality theyre far far from it. this on the other hand :twisted:

Drive - Inside Koenigsegg - Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 - Paint Job

Really enjoying these, keep them coming.

Looking forward to watching these.


Beany said...

Oh dear lord can I marry you? <3

I'll use the Virgin Tivo Youtube app to watch these! :lol:

Part 4 - feels like a million bucks

Loving these, thanks for the reminder.



McSwede said...

Never realised Gilles was a Southern fanny though. He seemed like such a decent chap. I shall eye him with suspicion from this day forth ;)

These are some of the best videos on the tube imo

Part 5 - The Ultimate Test Drive

You know in part 4 where they show those aluminium buttons where the light passes through tiny holes? I just realised my Macbook Air has that very same feature for the camera LED and microphone :lol:


How about not having a sig at all?

These are fantastic, as a company they seem more down to earth than Pagani and what a great looking car.


Bunta's Tofu

Due to the way Pagani seemingly tries to dry hump his cars when he talks about the design this is by far the new Must Have supercar for me.



I came here to drink milk and kick ass..... and i've just finished my milk!!!! Plus electric cars bore me and are heading in the wrong direction, but I don’t like to mention it.

episode 6 of 9 - Inside the Brain of a Swedish Bombshell

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