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"Those of us that care wish to show that we have the latest vehicle"

"Cars are more like tablets or mobile phones - if you have a passion for them then you need to show it by having the latest model"

On that basis I can't think of a single forum member that has a passion for cars.

Neither do messrs Trott, Metcalfe, Meaden etc.

Has the criteria for "letter of the month" changed to "cringeworthy sh1te spaffler of the month" without someone telling us? :?

^+1 I demand a Jorg in compensation for being forced by virtue of my subscription to read such utter drivel.


Your opinion is very important for me. Thank you please.

Even assuming I had money to burn on depreciation I hope I would still disagree with such pish!

This sums up my attitude to phones, tablets and cars absolutely perfectly.


It feels like that. Like a donkey. On a skateboard.

i single-handedly prop up the australian construction & real estate industries, because I apply this thinking to houses too. Every time a new house is built I have to go and buy it.


What great thinking - "I'm not an alcoholic, I just have a passion for drink and need to prove it by constantly imbibing another pint"

JL said...

This sums up my attitude to phones, tablets and cars absolutely perfectly.

Why are both of your cars old sheds then?

Can't live up to your own ideals? ;)

In all seriousness though, how utterly pathetic do you have to be to think that way. Believing that having the newest of anything proves you have a passion is moronic, all it proves is that you are a suggestible idiot being taken in by the advertisers BS.

I would counter by saying that, for cars, in reality having something old would go further to showing a passion that having the latest. (having an old DB5 over the latest DB9 variant for example)

I can imagine situations where buying the very latest of anything is absolutely a sign of being passionate about it. All sweeping generalisations are wrong.

Marv - I can see a queue, and it's not close. It's far. It's a far queue.

Far queue.



It feels like that. Like a donkey. On a skateboard.

Was the letter from David Sales?



This'll make a great watch thread next month. :lol:

Damned right. Does Newey know that he got the watch this month?

I bet the writer of the letter always has the latest Daewoo :lol:



I reckon the letter was made up. The Sun have been doing the same thing for years with Dear Deirdre, right? ;)

Anyone who chops in a perfectly fine car every few years for a new one, purely on the basis that:

A) A new car makes them an enthusiast.


B) It'll impress their neighbours.

Is a fvcking pleb.

How's that for sweeping generalisation, JL?

Despite reading this thread first I still couldn't quite believe my eyes when I read the letter. The line about management surely couldn't have been written by a normal reader with a straight face surely?




can't wait for the issue to arrive on my doorstep now. Sounds like excellent reading that letter........ :roll:

What page number is it on? Just so I can flick straight to it when I sit down with my cornflakes.

Could someone quote the entire letter here please :)
Can't be arsed to buy the magazine.


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Here you go Matt just for you

For me, cars helps you specific 'yourself' and thus it must always be supported what you discover fascinating - ANd nobody else! cars is an expression of one's inner self and not a mirrored image of each one's expectation of what ought to be expressed. The land of true cars could be a lion's den and you higher apprehend what you are up against before throwing yourself into the roaring dungeon of darkness! Okay, perhaps that is a little overboard however hey, you have seen the films, (the one true supply )- the car style world is brutal and people's understanding and definition of cars is even a lot of shuddery. Basically as a result of it is usually regarding what everybody else is sporting once really; folks ought to see themselves as canvases, all created for a masterpiece and WHO needs to enter a gallery wherever you'd swear the artists simply glued and derived every other? i could not even be paid to enter that gallery (okay let's be honest, i am a poor student and if the pay is sweet i will set the mood! lol simply kidding)! I think that cars ought to be seen as one thing that represents a rhythm however the steps we elect to maneuver to the music with, ought to be our own- we must always move freely and not guaranteed to the must-have-lists. as a result of seriously, nothing is as refreshing as seeing somebody driving down the road in their own very little world of awesomeness! therefore why therefore frightened to square out, do not be a slave to what the trend pages say for instance MitoMan dances as he drives - and if you've got to, be impressed not numbed and brainwashed to become a 'flashslave'- completely different is good and RWD is aware of, you'll completely be driving down the road spreading your very little share of awesomeness along with your real individualism.



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What the hell was that Steve?!


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