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Behind the scenes pics are a nice touch and the cover star seems to have a comically tiny rear spoiler although that could just be the angle the picture is taken at.

Not checked yet to see if anyone in their team has owned up to writing that letter about the Scots a few issues back which sounded like it had come out of a Jim Davidson routine from the 70s though. Surely it was a wind-up?




Fantastic issue - best for months, perhaps years. And all because of the subject matter; the Aston One-77, M3 CRT, Integrale Viola: all incredibly rare and fascinating to find out about.



Wow was I impressed

it can't possibly be out already ?!. Our postman hasn't been yet:evil:

I've got two Octanes to read, the current evo, BMW and Merc mags, a Car too and now the evo is about to hit the shelves. Life is good :)


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I was just about to complain, but then the postie rammed the new issue through the door (well, it sounded that way). All activities for the day now cancelled.


Driving a Galaxy far, far away

Yep, looks like a very good issue.

The spoiler on the '-77 does look pathetic and the behind the scenes pictures is also good.

I wonder if Mercedes will be taking the C63 off Nick, now that he harped on about the M3 CSL in his fleet report, rather then the C63? ;)

a quick scan of the mag and its looking very good 8)

the dvd was dire, so i fixed mine


Existence is pain ...



arrived now and looks good.

can't believe Harry has bought a Mito :lol::shock:

The Evo forum is back to 2 Mito's 8)


How about not having a sig at all?

Looks like a cracking issue, I don't even need to read the M3 CRT article to know it's already on my lotto daily driver wish list!

Nice to see my name was printed in two places.8)


Now stop trolling me you hat-wearing thundermut.

Not sure of the reason behind photoshopping a UK plate on the One-77 for the cover shot but leaving the foreign plate in the article?

Apparently I won the watch...anyone care to tell me what the thread was ? :)

Anyone know when it's due in the shops? I can't see anything obvious on this site...



Performance Legends

T2PJR said...

Not sure of the reason behind photoshopping a UK plate on the One-77 for the cover shot but leaving the foreign plate in the article?

Rule Of Cool for the cover, I expect.

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