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1) Enzo replacement unvieling
2) Production Alfa 4C shown and first drives?
3) F Type first drives and coupe shown.

Updated December 27, 2012 at 6:22 PM





Spanner and Hammer speed shop.....Italian tune up specialist.

Markcoopers said...




artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

Rossi back at Yamaha.

GTR RS - well they have to at some point.

911 GT2/3 RS - They seem to have dropped the ball on the current accountant spec 911 so will be interesting to see how these stack up.

Honda Moto GP road bike - should be insane.

Porker 918 - I hope it goes as good as it looks.

Some one off Zonda - someone will have one made.


Bunta's Tofu

My 968 being 20 years old :D

I really want to see the Alfa 4C. Also interested in the Porsche GT3 RS after seeing the very cool looking GT3 cup car and the obvious Ferrari F70, Mclaren P1 and Porsche 918.

Also the F30 M3 if possible.

Updated December 27, 2012 at 8:06 PM

BMW F30 M3/4

Going to try and make it back to the GFOS in the summer.


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I agree sunshine and lots of it.

Any news of the Gallardo replacement.

Updated December 28, 2012 at 2:48 PM


McSwede said...

Never realised Gilles was a Southern fanny though. He seemed like such a decent chap. I shall eye him with suspicion from this day forth ;)

Goin' racin' in an old Alfa shed.



1 motogp
2 gonna go to Shelley walsh this year.... Been meaning to for a while now
3 new F type
4 replace my, trustworthy but slightly dull, Puma with a Clio 182 or mr2 or similar...
5 get on track with it.... Evo track day perhaps?

1. ^ Alfa 4C - if it ends up anything like their claims, it'll be a classic.
2. Progress on the Mclaren P1
3. Some word on a TRD GT86 or Subaru BRZ STi before 2014.

Potential Honda S2000 replacement or news on it, same with the CTR. More powerful GT86 and the Mclaren P1 and Enzo replacements and what may come from the Caterham-Renault tie up. 8)


Stolen Orions on fire off the hard shoulder of the M8. I watched neds litter in the dark near the Tennents shop. All those... moments... will be lost in time, like [coughs] tears... in... rain. Time... to die...

McLaren P1 and new Ferrari Enzo thing.

Plus all the downforce data to go with them. ;)


damo.666 said...

4 replace my, trustworthy but slightly dull, Puma with a Clio 182 or mr2 or similar...



Greatest FWD ever & ECOTY 1998

P1, Enzo replacement, 1600hp Veyron.

Yes, I am a child.

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