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Been looking forward to handing this to Dad for a few months now and finally the day.

You could say I collect the signatures of racing drivers, have been doing it for years, and one of dads favourite drivers is Rubens Barrichello. In August I got my friend in the US to send the attached picture to KV racing and received this back in the post.

To say I'm happy to have surprised him with this is an understatement!

Have a fantastic christmas people



Fantastic present, nice one.

One of them rare moments when Barrichello was in front of Button too ;)

Got my wife a Kindle Fire HD. To say she was pleased was an understatement. Brought a smile to my face :)


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I managed to surprise myself last year by getting my mates a double torch set as they had mentioned walking the dog in the village at night was the bit shaky.

Reaction from the Mrs was brilliant - genuine joy at something practical rather than socks.

This year I haven't a clue what to get them, and I don't do Chrimble normally. She asked me to knit her a cosy for her egg timer, but it's been fifteen years since I touched a knitting needle in anger...

(and yes, this cracks her up, too)

You're married?!


How about not having a sig at all?

Badly worded - the Mrs of the couple I got it for, arf.

You used to knit?!


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LED dog collars are all the rage. You can get them for pets, too.


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Bought my ma a Nexus7 as my dad hogs the laptop and I can video chat with her on that now. My dad didn't look as impressed with his infra red security cam and laptop cooler sadly..

mattcambs said...

You used to knit?!


Not for a long time though....we don' about it....:lol:

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