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The thread about Atkinson's F1 got me thinking - what other cars are so valuable they can't be written off? The Ferrari 250GTO and its siblings are the usual suspects, but newer exotics seem like they'd be more difficult thanks for carbon tubs and alumin(i)um space frames and the like. Taking a car back to the manufacturer is one of the most expensive routes to go - would it be worth rebuilding a similarly-damaged Veyron? Haven't some Enzos and Carrera GTs been written off already?


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Ferrari F40


Strong Broo Racing

Puma Millenium. :)

Rover BRM Atomic.

Hi Mik,

The MG BRM Atomix creates its own force field of awesomeness which actually makes it impossible to write, or be written off.




Too many old sheds.

As a Veyron costs £5 mil to build I doubt it would be repaired of the damage was significant.

I had an S4 that was reshelled at the factory. This was due to the spot welds in the a-pillar not going all the way thru and causing a buzzing noise.
As for the¨Macca F1 the main aspect is labour. 4000 hours to lay the sheets for the carbon. Hence the expence in getting a carbonfibre anything. That is before you add in the physical cost of the carbon/resin and Ron Dennis Tax.
Which makes the Sesto elemento Lambo such a step forward, instead of layers of resin and sheets which take time and limit shapes they have a mush of carbon and resin into a mold can make a shell in about 8 minutes.


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