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So the avensis desperately needs new rear breaks, having done the fronts a few weeks back. One break binding and down to the backing plate, rusty as hell, MOT due in a few weeks, the usual. Got the discs & pads from my usual guy, specifically making sure I got the right ones, and got a Draper wind-back tool off teh filthy ebay.

5 hours later, having had to go out and get a butane gas lamp to heat up a stuck torque plate bolt, finally getting it off, having to grind bits off the 'universal' draper tool to get it to fit the piston, and then finally realising the discs are 17mm larger in diameter than the old ones.....what's the number for Barry's break garage again? :lol:

Have had to cobble it back together with old bits which luckily I hadn't destroyed in the removal process for a change.

And ..relax.

Ya see, sometimes its worth letting the grunts do the job! :lol:

Mine pulls up nicely now, sits squarely and by virtue of them having to recede the pistons on the rear calipers to fit the pads, they don't bind anymore! Woot!

New parts making car better shocker :lol: TBF I did agree it wasn't a bad price you paid for all four :D

Discs being swapped but not till next Thurs, so will just have to try and free stuff off the best I can for now.

Doing anything car/IT related I'm used to the one step forwards, two backwards philosophy, just a PITA when it happens.


I've got to repair a heater flap on the golf which means air doesn't get diverted through the heater matrix. As most of the dash has got to come out to do that, and it's still on its 25 year old matrix I've decided I should do that as a 'while you're there' job.

I'm predicting much pain and swearing :lol:




Too many old sheds.

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