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hmmmm :?

JJ, surely?


It feels like that. Like a donkey. On a skateboard.

mik said...

hmmmm :?

That is expected in Australia just like home invasions, stabbings and shootings etc

Should really call it the unlucky country. This guy handed himself in apparently...


I'd rather be wrong than dull

Woozers!! :shock:


People once said...

"You're right Dinny"

yeah... because that would happen "for no reason"



Matt_82_S2 said...

yeah... because that would happen "for no reason"

Even if he did call his Mum a Whore in exchange of words, surely a bit of an overreaction ? :)

oh yeah, even by EVO forum standards, he did over react to an extent

i think he is due some credit, though, for taking the time and body repairs to try and show the innocent/oblivious driver the error of his ways

Good advert for having a faster car.


I guess he got his defence from the eagle video.

It sounds like he was driving (aggressively) behind the camera car, got brake checked and hit him and it escalated from there.



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Neb has a helicopter and a submarine these days. He does not "drive" with such riffraff.


Bunta's Tofu

Well that escalated quickly :shock:

Proper bumper and ram anyone who wants to do that,



I came here to drink milk and kick ass..... and i've just finished my milk!!!!

W4nkers like that need putting down!


SD said..... looked like a dog with worms, dragging its arse across the lawn.

McSwede said...

W4nkers like that need putting down!

Now hold on there, some people are just deranged and a little stupid, they probably don't realise they drive a Toyota!



I came here to drink milk and kick ass..... and i've just finished my milk!!!!

agreed, some drivers are so oblivious

Crikey. Most people on the roads here are either oblivious or deranged. Some are both.

Being larger than most humans, I look forward to the morons that hop out of the car usually.

I only watched it without sound but I assume there's a few minutes of footage prior to what is actually shown that explains how that all started?



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the audio says the guy with the camera was the victim, nothing prompted the madness.

Meth for the win - HTF do you break a windscreen with just your fists? Drugs are bad, m'kay?

I'd have run the fvcker over when he got out of the car. Presumably nutter thought he'd been cut off by Mr. Oblivious?

And doesn't JL drive a landcruiser?

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