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Goodbye to the old

Hello to the new



So long small car with 5 speed box and not much speed.

Hello slightly bigger car with shed loads of torque and a short shift 6 speed box.



The Evo forum is certainly living the dream at the back end of 2012....


Impreza WRX STi Spec-C V-Limited Toshi Arai Edition/ GT-R/ Audi S4

So its clearly not an MX3 (The greatest Mazda of all time) MX5 (common), a 2 or a 3 or an RX8, its bigger than those, is it the Mazda Eleventy?

Did they use a piece of tracing paper? It reminds me of this:



The Diesel CX-5 I drove had the smallest Diesel powerband I have ever experienced :shock:. I hated it sorry. For a new car cheap and nasty interior too :(

Drove better than the Passat Allroad though

I'm not going to say anything since I have nothing nice to say.


How about not having a sig at all?

Its like a kid has m ixed up a few jigsaws. X5 in there, Infiniti, MX5.

Odd as the original CX7 looks pretty nice but the faclift was awful!

That's blue.



1st and 3rd places FECPOTY Shed of the Year 2016

Have you had the Siesta 3 years already :shock:


Wow was I impressed

Know nothing about them, but I'm sure you'll manage to pedal it at a good rate regardless.8)


Now stop trolling me you hat-wearing thundermut.

your lawn looks a bit shit.

:D unanimous then!

e/stick - ha, yeah, that bit's a touch mossy. No, I'm not going out there to sort it.

Jobbo - yep, 3 years already. Only 20k miles in it as I started taking the train to work about 6 weeks after it arrived. Got this one for 2.

Duncs - it's my new Exige hunter

Mick - hey ho. I enjoyed driving it, preferred it to the BMW diesel as it revved more iirc. As for the interior, no it's not an Audi but it seems fine to me. It's different from my previous BMW and Ford anyway.



JonMad said...

Hello to the new

Are those wheels the size of a 1p or a 5p coin?



i think i prefer my rover :shock:




Too many old sheds.

The 4X4 version btw ?

Looks ok to me, good as an everyday comfortable car. Good on the fuel too.

2wd diesel fwd suv for the full DIW

The 4wd in the same spec was about £60/month more due to list price and co2 - heavier, slower and less mpg.



oh, those are the 5p wheels. The Sport model (this is SE-L) has the 1p wheels.

(17s vs 19s. the fiesta is on 16s, by comparison)



Looks allright to me, and a new car is a new car 8)


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_Mick_N said...

The Diesel CX-5 I drove had the smallest Diesel powerband I have ever experienced :shock:. I hated it sorry. For a new car cheap and nasty interior too :(

Should have got an Audi A4 3.0TDi Jobbo Stylie 8)


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