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Specifically, This one

Won't actually pick it up until January, as its not UK registered or MOT'd yet.

Not for me, you understand, but a Christmas/70th birthday pressie for my dad.

Bodywork is A1, and its just had a new interior fitted, so it even smells good! Looks great in a dark colour (IMO) - a few years ago he rejected a bright red one for being too ostentatious. Matching numbers car, so it'll always hold its value.

It's an emissions car, so engine output is a fairly pathetic at a bit less than 200bhp, but that's not going to bother him one iota. It makes a great noise doing it, and that's far more important!

Makes a lot more sense than the Boxter/911 option we were previously looking at - He's never going to drive a car like that the way it was meant to be driven, and at the sort of age/mileage we were looking at would have been constantly afraid of big bills (along with Porsche tax, to maintain the essential warranty).
Plus, where he lives, he would've probably struggled to pick a boxter or 996 out from the row of identical cars in the golf club car park.


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Looks nice 8)
No problem it being LHD apparently?



Looks fantastic.

Lucky dad! 8)

That is a lovely present! Nice looking car, I do like Corvettes. Especially for the noise. :D

Nice, they make a great fun car: easy parts supply, relatively uncomplicated, very well catered for i the aftermarket if that tickles your (his) fancy. Looks lovely in the pics.



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that is nice, hope he enjoys it

Can't see him ever "tuning" it. Might rip out all the emissions gubbins and stick a decent exhaust on it at some point, but I'm sure he'll make do with the standard car until I suggest it (possibly next Christmas!)


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We should have a single, ongoing, number plate spotted thread.

To the batmobile! 8)


How about not having a sig at all?

Looks lovely. Parking on the lawn in the back garden ftw (when you're not registered for the road) 8)


Wow was I impressed

I absolutely love the look of these & had the enviable chance to drive one when I was about 19 & I'm sorry to say it was the biggest disappointment of my life :( How they got it to look so right but drive so badly I'll never know*. Hope your old man enjoys it though! :D

* I guess it would be OK on an arrow straight smooth road.




Nice car. Should be cheap to insure, and parts are usually ok on American stuff too.

One of my friends has a lot of Yank stuff (70's Trans Am, Cadillac's ), I was always saying to him to get one of those Vette's. I guess it's too late for him now - 6 months ago he was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Diseases (same as Stephen Hawking) with 3 months to live. He's still going, but can't walk, can't talk properly, can barely move his hands etc. 6 months, to go from an active person, to that. 38 years old too. :cry:

Oh eck that looks bloody gorgeous. Seriously, top pressie.


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What an amazing present!

Very 8)


I used to love those when they were new in the '70s. In fact I think it was the first sports car I loved when one flashed its pop up lights at our car to let us pull out of a turning.

Does anyone remember The Magician with Bill Bixby? He was a millionaire magician who solved crimes. In his white 1969 Vette. So cool.

Of course they're utter pants to drive now, particularly the smog version, but as you said, your dad won't care!


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mik said...

Looks fantastic.

Lucky dad! 8)

exactly this.
Suddenly don't feel that great about the present for my Dad... :?

That looks fvcking great 8)

I feel like a rubbish son :( :lol:


F*ck the internet, I was doing this My Way.

That looks lovely, Neil - I'm sure your Dad will be chuffed to bits. I know I would be!

Can I adopt you so you'll buy me one in a few years for my 40th !!



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"You're right Dinny"

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