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Have one as a hire car. First impressions (only driven it 250 kms) are mixed.

It drives well although there is no feel through the controls. The auto-box is smooth and shifts imperceptible. Hoofing it seems to catch the box out every time and it hesitates for a second or two before it decides what to do. Once it picks up its skirts it does shift nicely, but with a rather agricultural diesel sound.

Interior is roomy and quite nice although the "alu" trim on the centre console is a big letdown. It looks and feels very cheap. As with most modern cars the visibility rearwards is seriously compromised and the clever open top or both boot is quite heavy to operate.

There is more road noise than I would have expected, but that is most likely down to the studded tyres.

Heated seats are quite nice when the outside temperature is mainly in the negative (best today +1, worst -7).

Plenty of toys with leccy everything, keyless start and the option of telling the auto 'box what gear I want (to a degree. It would not let me upshift going up a steep hill).

So far I have had no indication that it is a 4x4, but I am glad we got something big. The roads are generally narrow and the jacked up fullsize SUVs and trucks coming the other way are slightly less intimidating when you can see the driver.

More to come. You know you've left the comfort of SE England when you see a Merc 4x4 LWB Sprinter minibus with raised suspension and snorkel :shock:

Updated December 17, 2012 at 6:10 PM


Driving a Galaxy far, far away

I like these.

Fords shouldnt really be sneered at as much as they are.

I enjoy sneering at Fords :(



I like the Kuga. Preferred the pre-facelift version because it was a bit more confident; it's now a bit blingy but softer looking.

Still wouldn't buy a Ford because they depreciate too much.


Wow was I impressed

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