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I know there are a few of us on here - Jobbo, Pug, Si_ from memory? - and was wondering if any of you have had the following problem. Basically it tries to connect - cycles through the red, amber, green, blue, whatever it is - but seems to give up and switches off, so there's no light on the front at all.

Is it FUBARed or am I being dense? I'm reluctant to buy another one at 140 quid or so but it is a setup I like.

If anyone has a receiver collecting dust somewhere, I'm sure a deal could be struck :)

I don't have a Duet myself, so can't really help from experience. I recall similar tales when new so it might just be a wifi issue.

Mine did something similar. I swore at it, turned it off and the next day it worked.

Problem is I think you need the original controller to set it up from scratch, and mine died years ago, been using iPhone apps ever since. Ah well - no doubt I'll find a way to get it working again, so don't panic ;)

Tried using a LAN cable?


Overpriced diesel golf with a fat arse. Chav edition.

buy the cheapest logitech harmony remote, surely that would suffice in place of the original remote?

also useful for other things.

You should be able to set it up using a LAN cable.

Failing that, I think you'll need a duet controller.

When we got a new router a while back, I thought it easier to just change its SSID and password to that of our old router, rather than reconfigure the duet receiver.

I may well have my duet controller still though, in the loft no doubt, no idea if it still works though. Not sure how I'd get it to you - could meet you at Clacket Lane services? ;)

phut said...

buy the cheapest logitech harmony remote, surely that would suffice in place of the original remote?

also useful for other things.

Good idea - I've had a Harmony remote for years, but for some reason never thought of using it for the Squeezebox. Just trying to configure it now to see if it replicates the set-up functions of the original.

Pug - be there in 30 minutes ;)

I thought the Duet set up its own proprietary wifi connection between Controller and Receiver? Meaning that only the proper Controller will work, unless of course you do it via LAN cable.

Logitech never integrated the Squeezebox line properly into their other products, did they? Probably why they've ceased to sell Squeezeboxes :(

It's a real weakness that only the original controller can be used to set it up - it's only a simple Wifi connection protocol you need to go through. The Harmony won't work with it as it's IR, rather than RF as per the original.

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