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Rumour mill is spinning nicely for these 2 phones, especially with CES 2013 not long away.

One that I've been hearing a lot lately is a flexible and unbreakable screen in the S4. Sounds very interesting.



"Leaked photos" of the iPhone 5S have also emerged apparently. Will also be interesting to see what changes this will have to the current 5.


5" or more OLED screen with no breaks in it that you can fold in half would be great.

Avoids the unwieldiness of recent phones/phablets.

However, I have yet to see an example of one flexing enough to enable a thin folded form. Just being able to bend it seems a bit pointless.

Updated December 13, 2012 at 12:43 PM


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Agreed. Being genuinely foldable would be amazing, then the issue that some have with the large screen size would be fixed. Providing it isn't too thick when folded though.

Shame it wont happen anytime soon..

Is this real?

Flexible screens are available and working, but they're currently fairly slow, etc. So that image is perfectly plausible as far as I'm aware.

Those flexible screens are pretty damn impressive. It's almost as if future might have finally arrived 8)

the presumed iPhone 5S prototype reveals slightly different placement for internal screws, but otherwise minor tweaks from the current version

That's it, I couldn't possibly get an iPhone 5 now I know about the upgrades for the 5S. The structural integrity from those differently placed screws will be crucial.


Wow was I impressed

Same as always with the iPhone s models. A new processor twice as fast as the previous one. Upgraded camera. Same exterior. New bit of exclusive software which everyone thinks they must have, then forget it ever existed about a week later like Siri.


How about not having a sig at all?

Who cares anyway? It'll be interesting to see one but I wouldn't wait for it to happen before buying my next phone...

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