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Bit premature but that's never stopped me before.

Work - started the year with a bellyful of piss and vinegar about getting the business going properly and obsessed over it for a good few months, then suddenly realising that we could be earning more back in regular employment. Started work fulltime in May and have been proving myself right every since! Great job, great boss, overpaid and underworked so that's that one ticked.

Birds etc - bit up and down really, broke up with the ex back in September, was bracing myself for a big long period of bachelorness then boom - 2 weeks later and the rather lovely current Ms JL makes herself known to me. Despite my best efforts I don't appear to have fucked it up just yet, although no doubt this will happen soon enough.

Cars, toys, mates, cats, house, etc - no change, all good.

Travel - Malaysia for diving in April, notable for my shithead of a back going spastic for the very last dive and me missing diving with the schools of hammerheads that were the very reason for making the stupidly long and expensive trip in the first place. Sri Lanka, UK, France and Italy were good though - yep, even the UK bits.

Can't really think of anything else. Not a brilliant year but hopefully ending it on the right note.

6 9.9s out of 10.


Updated December 10, 2012 at 10:34 AM

Crap and good in equal measure.

Me and the missus going strong, couldn't ask for more as she really is awesome.

Changed my reasons for wanting to improve my job and was far more motivated due to it, I should hopefully be able to have the life I really want and am really excited about it.

Cars, my best drive and holiday ever in Boris, it was the fun highlight of my year by a long stretch. Then getting the Merc out again was great, it reminded me why I love the car so much.

Lots of exciting stuff next year but think i've grown up a lot despite still acting like an immature tit.

It's also been really great seeing my mates getting on well, the older you get the more you enjoy people doing well I think :D


Updated December 10, 2012 at 10:58 AM


I came here to drink milk and kick ass..... and i've just finished my milk!!!!

JL said...

Work - started the year with a bellyful of piss and vinegar about getting the business going properly and obsessed over it for a good few months, then suddenly realising that we could be earning more back in regular employment.

Possibly the same for me, update to follow when the offer letter comes through.

I have bought 4 cars and sold 3 this year (not even trading, just the usual inspiration from Auto Trader et al). I have been on a few decent holidays, won the lottery, made two big insurance claims (for my gearbox replacement and for my house flooding) and acquired a cat. Cycled further than I ever have before in one ride, done some excellent sight-seeing and yet because I didn't leave the house much while working from home, it feels like I've not had a busy year and didn't do enough. Bonkers.

ETA: forgot to mention probably the most fundamental change - my decree absolute came through this year too.

Updated December 10, 2012 at 10:52 AM

Work - Worst year of my profession career. Can't go into details publically but awful, just awful

Family etc - things going very well, thankfully. Mini Dinny is doing very well in School, loves his BMMA, had developed a mahoosive interest football but still loves the rugby. Going to try for another in 2013. Mrs and I are cool

Cars, toys, mates, cats, house, etc - Car is rubish and needs to be changed. Started redecorating the house which we're going to continue throughout 2013. We've also reverted to a full Repayment Mortgage from Interest Only so I'm happy with that change.

Travel - only got away once to Lanzarote but that was a great holiday - new place, new type to holiday for me (lazing by the pool) and great company.

EDIT - forgot Skiing in Feb - Only 4 days but great craic. Loads of snow (+) but low level cloud (-) made for tricky conditions. LeGets / Morzine is a great area with loads of runs for all abilities

Overall, a good year but unfortuantely the situation at Work dragged the overall score down to a 4/10 :?

Updated December 10, 2012 at 11:12 AM


and from the beginning think what may be the end.

Work - Couldn't be worse without me actually losing my job. Fraudulent rogue trading scandal that cost firm $2.3bn which despite being cvntish on the trader's part really should have been caught. Firm over-compensated to control obsession which makes day to day job excruciatinly frustrating. At a dead end as everyone currently working here knows 10k-14k jobs in the investment banking arm are going to get canned eventually. No jobs out there in banking at the moment so no escape for now. Just sitting tight until bonus (?!?! Hahaha yeah right) time and for job market to subsequently pick up.

Birds - Not a bad year. No long term ladies but a few nice ones picked up along the way which haven't developed into anything serious and are now good mates.

Cars, toys, mates, cats, house etc. - All good, took up golf again after a few years out and have gradually been updating my kit. No change elsewhere.

Travel - Portugal for golf, Tignes for Snowboarding; no where massively interesting but had a decent time regardless.


Yep - forgot about that - bought a road bike in September and have very much enjoyed it, should be doing a 92 km ride on Friday but seeing as shithead-back only lets me walk about 20m at a time, this is somewhat unlikely.

And I forgot about a trip to Beirut to see the Chili Peppers. Great weekend but anyone saying Beirut is the Paris of the Middle East really needs to visit Paris.

Updated December 10, 2012 at 11:10 AM

WORK: Research and study going well though personally I need to less on here and more reading scientific stuff :lol:. In the process of intern in New Jersey which should start next month.

CARS: Love the Scirocco. I need an epic road trip soon.

But still single :cry:


Back to three pedals and a stick

Oh yeah - another one - started an MSc in Construction Law And Arbitration, and am in the process of doing really badly at it. 1st piece of coursework - 48% :( Might need to actually work for this fucker a little bit, which is not my style.

JL said...

Oh yeah - another one - started an MSc in Construction Law And Arbitration, and am in the process of doing really badly at it. 1st piece of coursework - 48% :( Might need to actually work for this fucker a little bit, which is not my style.

You'd be fine ;)


Back to three pedals and a stick

Busy for me started new job working on the interior of a concept vehicle for Tata. Rates shot up after being static for years, so quite happy at the minute loads of work around, been given a 6 mth purchase order to work on a new vehicle platform designing the cross car beam and also giving style feasibility to the instrument panel and console clay models. I've never had to venture far to fine work so another job that a small commute which suits me.

Kids are great, Sam 18 mths now and a right little character and keeps us busy, completely different to Ben who is so laid back he is nearly horizontal. Ben (3 yrs 5 mths) been confirmed as being autistic as we had suspected for sometime due to his speech development, social interaction and general lack of understanding. He knows his numbers ,alphabet and countless other words and yet has only just started calling me Dad and making sentences other than his normal double dutch. Obsessed with cars and trains. Improving every week and the help we have had has been fantastic. We are lucky that he doesn't have some of the typical traits so he sleeps well and doesn't mind new situations or places. 7 years with the Wife, 4 of those married, going great.

A few holidays in the UK this year and went to Portugal which is always nice, also celebrated my 40th birthday.

Bought a 9 mth old 2.0Tdi 4motion Tiguan as the family car and happy with Fugly for the time being.

Bad points, lost my Mother-In-Law after a 2 year battle with cancer and my Dad was diagnosed and being treated for prostate cancer. :(

Work - pointless ranting/raving, so I just kept my head down and knuckled down. But I am making plans to move on before the ship sinks.

Life - to be honest it has been a hit and miss year, and it didn't help that I moped around a bit. But I snapped out of it and just got on with stuff. In a good relationship, which helps.

Travel - got away in Feb and was in Scotland in during the summer, but that isn't enough. Plan to get back to my travelling ways in 2013.

2013 - Am looking forward to it. Have a load of plans and I hope that they are pulled off. I wish everyone the best for 2013.

Updated December 10, 2012 at 11:37 AM


McSwede said...

Never realised Gilles was a Southern fanny though. He seemed like such a decent chap. I shall eye him with suspicion from this day forth ;)

Work - Tough at the start. Had to bankroll a new company, new staff, new everything with no planned financial return for at least 6 months. Made doubly worse that the launch coincided spending most of my savings on a house. The upside is that after a year Tradeouts has established itself in the industry and is doing quite well actually. It could have gone terribly wrong. So on balance, positive.

Birds/Family - Got the missus in the family way. Nice. She's a top girl and feeds me like a king. Does my head in, but don't they all ? On balance, positive.

Cars/Toys/House - Pretty much a non-petrolhead year for me, as has been the way for a few years, but once the house + businesses are up and running there are plans. Honest. No, really. I've never had a garden of any size before and I really enjoy being out in it with the family in all weather.

Travel - Absolutely nothing. nada. But I hate travelling, so neither positive or negative.

All my friends + family are in good health with no deaths. Since that's all that really matters 2012 has to be a 9/10.

I've got a few projects and the baby is due early next year so I'm looking forward to 2013.

Updated December 10, 2012 at 11:48 AM

Erm David - not doing something you hate is normally construed as a positive :D

I beat lolbird at karting and bought a lotus.

Whats not to like.


For me, this year started off terribly both financially & business wise, as the last few months of 2011 saw virtually no business come in & the trend continued at the start of 2012. Due to slow payers & bad debtors, it looked like were going to have to close the doors either permanently or temporarily. Either way, not a nice place to be.

The end of February however was a turning point. In April 2011 I quoted on a huge vehicle re-branding contract & had heard nothing worthwhile since. Then, out of the blue almost a year later, I got a phone call saying the job was ours, when can you start?

This saw me flat out for 3 months, working from 6 in the morning to about 10 at night. It was hard graft, but the reward was worth it as the contract paid off all our debts & overdraft, bought a load of new kit & paid for a 2 week trip to Florida which was just simply the best Holiday ever.

Come home to even more work & a continuation of the same contract above, coupled with the fact my Wife is now starting to work for me whilst the kids are at School thus taking a massive work load off my shoulders, things are looking good in that department.

Family wise, all is great. As mentioned, all 3 are at School now & me & the Wife are getting on great (not that we had ever had any trouble) but after 18 years together, it's nice that we don't hate eachother & are still pretty much best mates. Health wise I'm feeling great. Shed a good 2 stone this year, picked up my running & have entered a few events - the toughest being a GRIM duathlon which I didn't suck at.

Car wise, things are the same. Still debating to chop the Pug in for a CTR, but will think again in the new year.

All in all, a great year for me 8)




Gwaredd said...

This saw me flat out for 3 months, working from 6 in the morning to about 10 at night. It was hard graft, but the reward was worth it as the contract paid off all our debts & overdraft, bought a load of new kit & paid for a 2 week trip to Florida which was just simply the best Holiday ever.

Excellent result!


Work - Good year. Established myself nicely as a permie after making the switch late last year...currently in discussions with the Director about taking over the management of the Oracle space.

Birds/Family - Wife is fab, daughter is fab although I wish terrible twos would bog off and leave us in peace.

Cars/Toys/House - 740 is so-so will be going next year need to get into something a lot newer. Been reliable though, as was the 750 at the start of the year. Reckon will be returning to diesel unfortunately, for the economy. No real toys to speak of this year but the house is good although the tree overhanging the rear garden needs to go.

Travel - Cruise in June was good although I doubt I'd do another - customer service on board those things is not what it once was.

Overall I'd go for a 9/10 I have nothing really to moan about, most people I know are in good health and doing ok, we're paying our way (with a promise of some bigger savings next year) and when I see how some people have to live, I cannot grumble.


BMW Car Magazine @QuentlyBentin

A pretty good year for me:

Work - still in the same old job, new management regime just brought in which probably does not bode well for me (new CEO and I don't exactly see eye-to-eye), but still in a job and got a (albeit fairly small) bonus. Am looking at alternatives and have two possibles, both working overseas, which does appeal other than the family issues that may cause. At worst it provides leverage with my current company.

Birds, kids etc - married in July after being together for 8 years/two kids. Wasn't too horrific or expensive, glad I won't have to do it again (famous last words). The odd slanging match but its all healthy stuff. Kids are doing well, eldest started school, youngest started nursery. Youngest (has Down's) progressing well and no health issues.

Cars, toys, mates, cats, house, etc - finally got rid of previous house in the spring which greatly eased my financial burdens. New (read: old) house coming along slowly, but got some major works done this year to stop the rot. Bought a fun 2nd car again and the diesel bus keeps on smokin'.

Travel - Couple of trips in the UK and a long family holiday in the South of France. About the most you can do on a budget with two youngsters, and wouldn't want it any other way.

Updated December 10, 2012 at 2:44 PM

Good fucking work Gwareth, always said you were alright :lol:

JL said...

Good fucking work Gwareth, always said you were alright :lol:

Whereas he confounded my expectations.. go figure ! :lol:

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