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I've just been totting up my expenses for November and decided to see what my fuel costs have been from 3rd Jan to 30th Nov.

Thus far my reasonably frugal 318d wagon has done.....

49,000 miles and a diesel cost of £6871.40 :shock: averaging £624.67 of diesel per month. All at approx 47mpg.

It has required two headlight bulbs, front and rear brake pads replaced under warranty, two new Conti's, two new Goodyears, two services and has used bugger all oil in between them.

Using cars cost money, what a shocker!

Good job you don't get 25mpg then.

What have the 49k miles in a year cost in depreciation?


How have you ended up doing ~50k a year without getting paid for it??



"expenses" rather implies money he has claimed back.

That is a lot of miles, I averaged 45k when I covered Cumbria and Scotland and I though tthat was a lot! :shock:

Company car, no? :?

McSwede said...

It has required two new Conti's, two new Goodyears

PS - DIW. :lol:

50k bugger that for a game of soldiers

That some lock of driving for the year ...

mik said...

McSwede said...

It has required two new Conti's, two new Goodyears

PS - DIW. :lol:

I don't know how these people can sleep at night!

Anyone else surprised the MPG figure isnt higher considering the vast majority of driving must be Motorway :?:

Not really, especially if you're going over 80..

N said...

Not really, especially if you're going over 80..

My old 320d had'optimistic' OBC mpg figure - 60 on the dash meant more like 45 when measured on fill-up.


El sueno de la razon produce monstruos.

Yes it's a company car so not my cost other than a small amount of tax. I have a company credit card so don't need to faff around claiming stuff back. Also car is leased so no concerns regarding depreciation.

As for the offence caused to MIK by mixing tyre brands (I'm sorry ;))that's not my choice. It's a real battle to get Conti's as the lease company insists on other brands hence the dreadful goodyears that got put on whilst I was expecting something else.

My 47mpg (ish) average is a mix of motorway (circa 85mph), cross country (as quickly as is safe :roll: ) and city driving so I think is fair enough. If I waft along at 75-80mph then it'll average in the low to mid 50's. I've never been very gentle with the throttle so them's the breaks. I'm fortunate that I don't pay for my diesel. The obc on mine is pretty much bang on the money when I occasionally work it out the old fashioned way.

It's a great car to do lots of miles in though as it's fun enough in the twisty bits and a great cruiser on the motorway plus very BIK friendly as I hate giving the taxman too much money!

Updated December 7, 2012 at 3:37 PM

Good stuff. 47mpg sounds pretty good. My '55 320d averaged 42. I did 60k in that over 4 years.


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