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Saturday, my belated 40th Do in London with the lads. Going to be a marathan session, so need to pace myself :?

Sunday, recover

Updated December 7, 2012 at 9:51 AM

BMMA and.... Homemade Pizza tongiht - for a change (had curry on Wednesday... :lol:)

Saturday - buy Christmas Tree, trim and sort out Christmas Tree, hang the lights and then sit back while herself and the nipper decorate the rest.

Sunday - Lunch at mates place we haven't seent for ages. They've finished a mahooosive extenstion so looking forward to seeign what they've done.


People once said...

"You're right Dinny"

Tonight: Xmas meal out with mates
Tomorrow: Masked ball, for which I decorated my own mask with spray paint and some shiny stuff - I hope the silver paint doesn't rub off on my face.
Sunday: Probably not a lot.



12pm today - work's Xmas do. Usually start drinking about 1pm and don't stop until at least 12hrs later :lol:.

Sat: Cower from the entire world

Sun: Off for a meal for FIL's birthday

Mon: Sadly a funeral. Never good at this time of year.

Fri - gym, relax, and catch up on Falling Skies and Southland.

Sat - not much. Other half is out of town visiting friends, so it may DVD/games and x-mas list.

Sun - visit little bro and his family. Nice pub lunch could be the order of the day:D


McSwede said...

Never realised Gilles was a Southern fanny though. He seemed like such a decent chap. I shall eye him with suspicion from this day forth ;)

Tonight: rowing club black tie dinner + party.
Tomorrow: supposed to be rowing from before sunrise. Frankly I'll be surprised if the whole crew turns up though!
Sunday: try to get a good bit of coursework done.



I've finished work till the new year now so I'm on shopping detail with some squash, cycling and pub visits in between. Gonna try and source some spare wheels for my winter tyres today, then double squash session this afternoon. Works Xmas do is next week so I have time to practice.

Today: swanky vendor xmas do at a posh hotel. Planning an early one (not interested in the sycophantic brown nosing that is expected).

Tomorrow: might take her indoors shopping - a winter coat is needed

Sunday: SIL + her BF coming over for lunch. Thinking stuffed roast chicken with all the trimmings.


Driving a Galaxy far, far away

Saturay: Delamere Forest for a cold, winters walk and to buy a Christmas tree.

Sunday: Get the outside Christmas lights up.



1st and 3rd places FECPOTY Shed of the Year 2016

Saturday : Judo Comp in Kidderminster, followed by a few beers and maybe a curry.

Sunday : Chill out, not do much.


Something witty goes here.....

If you get all wobbly-lipped about the opinion of Internet strangers, maybe it's time to take a bath with the toaster as you'll never amount to sh1t anyway.

Going to a beer and curry session with friends tonight at 'Derventio' a local micro brewery who are opening up for us.

Tomorrow and Sunday visiting Ali's folks and mine, interspersed with catching up with the George and Dragon locals as we were in the Cotswolds last weekend. (Saw the new disguised F-type out on test twice).



After last weekends go-carting injury it'll be a rest for me.
Sat : take eldest lad swimming then prob Xmas shopping.
Sun fancy a full roast beef so that'll do nicely. After that bit of Forza & snooze.


Xbox 1 & PS4 tag: daveycG60

Saturday - Try and get Nano to stay awake for the photographer coming to capture his tiny cuteness.

Sunday - Taking Mini and Micro to see Farmer Christmas (festive fun West Country style :D ). We're taking Nano as well but I doubt he'll be overly interested.


"Evana is witty and seemingly unfazed by anything"

"Ninja poster. Emerges from shadows deals killer blow/ comedy gold and disapearred from whence she came."

Please give me money

NotoriousREV said...

Sunday: Get the outside Christmas lights up.



I often drive for a road travel

Tonight: Fly Hyderabad-Mumbai, loiter in the lounge for a few hours until 2:30am, then Mumbai-London. Should probably think about doing some packing and fill in all the blanks in my itinerary...

Saturday: Potter about in London doing not much in particular

Sunday: Fly London-JFK then JFK-Cincinnati to visit a couple of our plants near there and Pittsburgh. Taking a colleague who has never been outside of India before, so it'll be entertaining to see how he copes with a) cool temperatures and b) semi-civilised (we are taking the US here) culture :P

Monday-Thursday: visiting plants and most likely tolerating some shopping malls

Cheers, Rich


_ said...

Plus I'm the biggest cvnt out there, so that helps.

Evana said...

Saturday - Try and get Nano to stay awake for the photographer coming to capture his tiny cuteness.

Sunday - Taking Mini and Micro to see Farmer Christmas (festive fun West Country style :D ). We're taking Nano as well but I doubt he'll be overly interested.

You need to have one more. Then you'd have a pico choo.

Well I thought it was amusing ;)

I'm probably spending this weekend getting my life off my work laptop, as a precursor to handing it back on Thursday.

Updated December 7, 2012 at 3:59 PM


"It's like he's immortal but sh1t" - @NotoriousRev
"You look like a Jelly Baby from down the back of the sofa"

Sat'dee: Both kids in the nursery christmas play (William as a Reindeer and Evalyn as a Christmas Tree) in the morning. PM I've got another 120 bikes to shift from one warehouse to another, with the help of my friends daughter. Curry in the evening with some friends at ours.

Sun'dee: Train to London with some different friends, mooch about Covent Garden etc, then off to South Bank in the evening to see the Crazy Horse cabaret (VIP table, natch - gutted to have missed Kelly Brook's stint). Nice hotel for the evening.

Mun'dee: Mooch about west end, get train home. Pack up a weekends worth of bike orders before the courier comes at 4pm.

Should be fun.



Skoda Octavia vRS. Ducati 748 Biposto. BMW R1200RT SE. SERV Norfolk Rider. RoSPA Tutor.

You don't sell Bikes do you Tim, never knew that :lol:

I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it.



Skoda Octavia vRS. Ducati 748 Biposto. BMW R1200RT SE. SERV Norfolk Rider. RoSPA Tutor.

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