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I love Captain Kirk Star Trek, so the reboot was all good with me.

New one is out next year and our very own Sherlock is the bad guy.


Updated December 6, 2012 at 8:59 AM


Bunta's Tofu

Re-watched the reboot the other night and it was pretty decent despite a slightly dodgy plot.

Is Sherlock Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan as was rumoured then? Or just a random baddie?

I think he may be some version of Khan - it's not confirmed yet but I kinda hope so.


Bunta's Tofu

I am looking forward to this 8)

Will have to have a look at this later. Hoping for a TV run at some point too. Trek has been off the small screen for too long now and since the Gate franchise effectively shut it's doors and Terranova didn't make it to season 2 I can't find anything new to feed my evening Sci-Fi needs (apart from re-runs).
As for the bad guy there have been rumours about Khan and also about some other bad guys re-booted from the original series, can't remember the name but he was supposed to have been the second worst guy from the original series.


I know I'm in the minority on this, but I hope they've forked out for a credible engine room set this time round, rather than just shooting in some random factory from the mid-20th century.

Oh and cut down on the sparkly halogens on the bridge too, how anyone can see anything they're doing there beats me.


It was on telly last week and I still don't think it was a great Star Trek movie. Wrath of Khan and First Contact were great (in their time), this one was just ok.

New one looks interesting though.


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can't wait!8)

Looking good, but I hope they avoid some of the bad science that plagued the last one. I'm thinking specifically about the ending.


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Sherlock could be playing the Gary (Marshall??) character from the original series, looking at the trailer he looks to have some kinda superpowers.

Although Khaaaaaaaaaan is a genetically enhanced superhuman......

Either way - trailer has teh orsums written all over it :D:D


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Not really a Trek fan but I am looking forward to this after watching the re-boot.


McSwede said...

Never realised Gilles was a Southern fanny though. He seemed like such a decent chap. I shall eye him with suspicion from this day forth ;)

I thought the reboot was a credible version, and like Bunta I look forward to this one! 8)

I'm with Barry and Bunta. Nu Star Trek was one of the best films i've seen in recent years.
I probably like it because i'm not a Star Trek purist.

I thought the film from a few years ago was great as well.

Si_ said...

I'm with Barry and Bunta. Nu Star Trek was one of the best films i've seen in recent years.
I probably like it because i'm not a Star Trek purist.

Yeah, to be fair JJ Abrams said he was not much of a Star Trek fan (he preferred Star Wars, so maybe a potential director of one of the new trilogy?).


Share your car adventures.

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Bunta, you beauty!!!

Cheers for that. I love Star Trek and I particularly liked the reboot. I have enjoyed it many times and have been very much looking forward to the next one so thanks for the taster.

i liked the first one, neat idea changing the time line

cant wait :)


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