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(half) watching this at the mo.

£6700 per night for one suite . (booked for a month by a Japanese popstar. I make that a smidge ove £200k)

£5100 per night for another suite.

Get. Tae. $uck. :shock:

Thats just normal pricing in the south mik...;)




I watched it. Only because I was missing Hotel Babylon.

£6700 a night? That's only a weeks wages with some money left over.

Anyone tried to book a room there online to see how much it actually costs? I have a feeling it may be like the Burj Al Arab where it was something stupid like £10k for a weekend for the room we wanted however we ended up getting the same room for a quarter of that for 4 days...


How about not having a sig at all?

I would love to have plenty of money, especially if I had worked hard for it but to spend that sort of money on a few nights accomodation is surely approaching obscene?

tbh I though it was the sort of place that died along with Miss Marple.


JL said...

It's a valid point from Gavin (a phrase I use rarely!)

Did you cry when the old lady died Mik?

I cried when they gave her the keys. It was a beautiful moment, worth £6-7K at least.

like paying £500 for a meal, I just don't get it.




Too many old sheds.

If you were minted why wouldn't you ? got to find some way to spend your cash.

Well, yes I suppose if youre so absurdly rich to be able to stay there in the first place you don't have to worry about such fripperies as money.

I'd still resent paying it though unless there was some sort of magic and witchcraft involved in staying there which meant they could reverse the ageing process as you sleep or something I'd think they were taking the piss just because they can. :lol:




Too many old sheds.

As Harry has already alluded to, this is an exact mirror of the xxx quid a head meal. Just scale up an income amount until something like this is a tiny fraction of it, and enjoy that brief glimpse of the lives of others :(

It's odd that we discuss 100k cars on a daily basis though, surely that's along the same lines?

I think a £100k car would be drop in the ocean to these guys.

All that for a room, and they don't even stuff themselves to the gunnels on a buffet-style fry-up breakfast, thus saving on the cost of lunch. Amatuers. :roll:

well yes, but at least with a £100,000 car there are measurable mechanical and performance improvements as well as aesthetic and engineering / material ones, and you can understand its value because of the above. Plus you actually own it and it retains at least some of it's value.

I'm happy to spend a bit more for something 'nice' I just don't see the appeal of spending 10x as much for the emperors new clothes.




Too many old sheds.

Harry I imagine a night or two in Claridges will be measurably better than the same stay in a Travelodge ;) - but I get your point. It's just that we're so blase about phenomenally expensive cars but baulk at an extra hundred quid on a really fantastic meal. I know they're not like-for-like but it doesn't make them incomparable. Here endeth my "contribution" as we've been here before :D

If you were super rich, how else do you spend your money?

It's only a problem for those who live beyond their means.


Back to three pedals and a stick

Our world consistently overvalues everything that is exceptional - but we tend to accept it happily only on subjects we're interested in.
So actually we are not consistent.


Citroen C3 1.4 HDI 69.0424 bhp

How much coke and how many hookers do you get with the room?


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why all the foreign staff ? then again London isn't it, spot the native cockney

I assume they pay staff peanuts ?

Updated December 4, 2012 at 12:44 PM

Haven't you heard? All English people below the age of 30 are doctors and lawyers these days - or so you'd think.

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