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Been a while since the last one, I had my 200sx and that was 2002! At the time Johnny from Bookatrack said if we had enough people we could get a discount and have an evo exclusive day. I'm up for any track, I'll have to book a hotel the night before if it's anywhere except Croft so I can be there for an early start, could maybe combine it with a few beers like 10 years ago! Who's up for it?

Yes, but chances of getting enough people is slim surely?


Had a strong turnout last time.

I'm in if the price is right and the tracks not too far south :)

We are supposed to be karting again in Feb why not jump on that ?


New Skool Turbo Power

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I enjoy karting but it doesn't compare to getting your own car to its limits.

I'm up if I can bring the Picasso. It can do 0-60 in abouta week ;).


Nuts on the road

I believe some people on here took a 2cv to Donington!

Donington is cheap over winter or are you planning early for spring/summer?

Fairly central and I've never driven it :)

Sun Feb 3rd for £149

The last one in 2002 was at Donington in February, I don't mind, just be nice to have a good turn out.

Btw, your link doesn't link to anything!

Updated December 2, 2012 at 11:23 PM

Well I love Cadwell but it's not exactly easy for most people to travel to. I'm interested anyway.

Edit, link works for me? It's with Javelin.

Updated December 2, 2012 at 11:25 PM

Works now but having seen Javelin in action I'd be very reluctant to use them unless their track standards have improved dramatically.

I've never had a problem in around ten years of using Javelin. Maybe you experienced a bad day at the office for them?

Maybe, if others are happy I'll go with the consensus, £149 is a good price.

Is anyone welcome? If at donington and if puma's are allowed add me to the list..... Promise I won't get in the way.....

Of course anyone's welcome, except Beany, he nearly wet himself just cos I had a bit of an off at Donington!

I’m interested but probably not in February.

I have already booked a track day in January (Bedford GT - 19th Jan) and my current set of tyres only has enough tread for one track day, so I would have to buy a new set if I was to go again in February. I was hoping not having to buy any new tyres until MOT time (end of April) or Nurburgring trip (whichever soonest).

I used Javelin before; they’re cheap but usually book a lot of cars at their events though I didn’t encounter any problem with driving standard.

I love Donington and the National layout is better than GP layout; less heavy on brake. Croft is excellent but far, but I’m happy to travel up north for the right circuit / good turnout. I have not been to Cadwell, Oulton and Anglesey.

Zonda_ said...

.... I'll go with the consensus....

Having said that, THIS.


Greatest FWD ever & ECOTY 1998

I love Donington but I fear the Roadster may be a bit underpowered for it! Croft is great but then with it being so close I'm biased, I'd like to do Angelsey too. I'm not keen on doing one in February, I was thinking later in the year so it's a bit warmer, did Donington with ice, not nice :shock:

Did a single seater at donington in the rain.... 3 cars went off going through the river crossing halfway down craner... Was great fun!!

Coaster said...

I was hoping not having to buy any new tyres until MOT time (end of April) or Nurburgring trip (whichever soonest).

I don't know which end of the country you are at but I have two part worn RE010s that I really don't want/need any more, you're welcome to them if you can collect? Ideal for trackdays or road use, probably still got 50%+ tread.

Donington is a corker but Oulton is a better track IMO. I do however appreciate that it's a long way for our Southern friends, same with Anglesey and Cadwell. I'm not sure if I'd like to take the Civic on track with its dicky driveshaft, plus the Dunlops on the front and Nankangs on the back mean a brown pants LOO moment is very likely to happen. :lol:


Stolen Orions on fire off the hard shoulder of the M8. I watched neds litter in the dark near the Tennents shop. All those... moments... will be lost in time, like [coughs] tears... in... rain. Time... to die...

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