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So I'm supposed to be selling cars rather than buying them, at the last count I've something like 12 cars, and as is always the case the chance of a car that's too good to be true comes along and this appears to be one of them. All started with a phone call from my mum, she was at the hairdressers and the girl who was washing her hair mentioned that her dad was having a clear out of cars and there was an old grey golf there. My mum was actually paying attention for a change and decided to ring me to tell me about it, so not really being in a position to buy another car I mulled it over and decided it wouldn't hurt to see it, after a day or so, the girl selling it on behalf of her dad sent me this picture -

And I must admit that I got a little bit excited about it, I quite quickly arranged to meet up with her dad and we drove about 25 miles further in to countryside to a farm in the middle of no where, I wasn't allowed to take any pictures at this point (due to the following..) but inside the barn was an Aladdin cave of cool old stuff, a mk1 Escort Mexico, 2 lotus sunbeams, a couple of old tractors, an old american camper/RV, a classic Mini Cooper S, another Mini on a B plate and a few other cars under dust covers. The guy was pretty much how I imagine I'll be when I get old and have a barn full of old cars, had a pretty good chat with him and eventually we got round to the Golf. The story behind it is that he's owned it for around 10/11 years and about 6 years ago he took it for an MOT and it failed on a CV joint and brake lines so he parked it up with the rest of his old cars at his dad's farm and bought a new mk4 Golf GTi to use daily until he fixed the mk2 and then never got round to fixing the mk2 and so it's sat since. I struck a deal with him pretty quickly and arranged to pick it up the next morning.

First picture of it in day light with the crap and dust cleaned off it back at the unit.

Jon then decided he hated the single light grille and quickly swapped it out for a proper grille we have 'in stock'. The single light grille may well be for sale soon but I fear he hated it so much that he's jumped up and down on it a couple of times.

Small change but makes such a difference! Also shows the comedy standard ride height (the mk2 vr next to it is on 17's for reference)

Next thing to do is bring it inside and have a good poke about and see what's what, I know that it needs brake lines and a CV joint but still no idea if it runs or how solid it really is.

Before that though it's time to sort out those dreadful indicators, if anyone wants them, they're in the bin.

Much better.

Quick clean up of the plastics later and it's starting to look really presentable. For pedantic amongst you it now wears a proper GTi 16V badge

And it runs! 5 litres of fresh fuel, a battery and a good check over and it started up straight away, slight misfire but that's ok, had a good poke around underneath, it's in extremely good order, so nice not to find crumpled floors and rot. So to bring this up to date here's the underneath.

Obviously there's a little surface rust but overall it's in great condition and it'll be an immaculate 90 spec 16v in a desirable colour once we've finished the small sympathetic resto that it needs from being parked up for so long. So it needs new hard brake lines, flexis and general brake overhaul, the intention is to get it MOT'd as soon as practical and from there who knows but if by selling this I get to keep my mk2 vr then so be it, but either way this will be staying as a kr and I think I'd rather keep this than the vr.

Nice! Think my first car, a Golf 1300 was on an H8** YFD no plate.

White MK1 GTI... NEED!


The Clio 200 - has gone :(
The ST220 - has gone :(
The Golf R - has gone :(
The 208 GTi by PS is here!

"The 208 GTi by PS is basically a Jack Russell that's been stung on the nose by a wasp - and it's pissed off!"

I like that a lot, looks the dogs danglies in grey on those wheels (BBS's?)

I wonder if this bloke would take payment in Revels for a Lotus Sunbeam? :D


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No pictures of the engine bay?


Hungry Hungry Hippos at the Ritz champion 2012.

Looks in nice tidy condition, Nic 8)

I still think about getting a Mk2 Golf GTI every now and then :)

edfiasco said...

No pictures of the engine bay?


Nice find, Nic!



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White mk1, never for sale!

Engine bay pics once its had a good steam clean :D

Low miles after being stuck in a barn for years?




Lovely! Would have Oak Green for my perfect spec big bumper Mk2 with leather and air thanks. :)

Are you going to blend in some audi door handles etc? 8)

Am I in the minority preferring the car with a single light grille ?


TurboRenault Forum !

andybond said...

Am I in the minority preferring the car with a single light grille ?

No - I did too.

Apart from that look peachy

Rich B said...

Low miles after being stuck in a barn for years?

Not really Rich, just under 146,000 miles which isn't bad for a 22 year old car I suppose, genuine mileage it appears to be too.

Got it up in the air now, 16v badge is an improvement

For a change the glovebox badge hasn't been nicked

Dusty rainbow trim, will come up lovely with a valet, drivers bolster has had a repair and I might get it retrimed.

Usual messy KR engine bay, looks

Nice find!


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