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Why can't these things need doing in the summer when it's warm and the days are long?
Spent a day last winter under the Fabia replacing the radiator because it had a leak and it was blinking cold. Today I noticed the tell tale knocking from the CV joint that tells me the boot I secured with the correct clip and grips didn't stay put and the joint is goosed, typical. Will call my mechanic friend this time I think and get him to replace the whole drive shaft I think. Can't be arsed this year.


Tell me about it, my offside passenger door lock has given up, and now the brakes are doing something odd when I reverse. Its barely into plus figures temperature wise and freezing fog all day. Funk that.

I told you skodas were sh1t :)

Evostick said...

I told you skodas were sh1t :)

:D Should have bought another Honda. At least a used driveshaft is only £28 or new CV joint not much more. It was the dealers fault as they replaced the boot (for the previous owner) shortly before I bought it and looked to have messed up.


How many miles has the Fabia done, Carl?

My Golf needs a new CV joint too! (drivers side)

Considering everyone claims its a Golf in drag I thought I might be alright. I'm reverting to Honda ASAP.

Its done 96k now. Probably done 4k with no cv boot. I would think if they had fitted the boot correctly it would have lasted another 50k


Mine's closing in on 140k, these things do wear out though. I have heard that lowered suspension puts more stress on the CV joints. Not sure how true that is though.

Oh and Barry, you should have bought an early 90s Merc or BMW ;)

The higher the angle the joint sits at, the sooner it will wear, a standard car will be designed to keep the driveshafts as straight as possible at normal load.

Which is why outer cv joints on fwd cars usually wear out first as they have to cope with far more extreme angles as the wheels are turned.

I had to do an inner for the golfs last mot. Well, I didn't, it needed a new boot, but a boot was £7, a whole new joint with boot etc was £15, so as the driveshaft had to come out anyway I did the whole thing.




Too many old sheds.

All above the above. Even changing a bulb in winter becomes a challenge as you can't feel nor move your fingers to do the task. Even if you've been in a warm house as soon as you touch anything the dexterity goes.

I tried opening the side door to the van to load a pallet this morning and the seals had frozen shut, so I had to load it all in from the back (which resulted in me claiming over said pallet to get out the van)

Absolutely everything in winter becomes a pain in the anus. By the time you've wrapped up enough to stay warm you can't move for all the layers. It's why I have a heated garage.

To add: what makes it worse is when the weather is neither here nor there, just fecking cold. If it snows it's at least fun, dry and usually still air which is manageable.

When it's freezing rain, 1C and blowy as fvck it really grates.

Really cold weather makes things a challenge but a fun challenge.

Rather it too cold than too hot.



I came here to drink milk and kick ass..... and i've just finished my milk!!!!

GraniteV8 said...

Really cold weather makes things a challenge but a fun challenge.

Rather it too cold than too hot.


My mate is the same. Last winter he did the clutch in the Puma over three days of rather cold weather.

The last week - inbetween moving house - he's been putting a full new set of brake lines on his T4 transporter. Finished it off and bled it all out etc for the MOT retest tomorrow.

Under the van, on a sheet of plywood, on the boggy, mushy, cold mud between the concrete 'shelves' in his back garden (perfectly safe - they were garage foundations that were never completed by a previous owner). He came out rather muddy.

He's a loon, but he's well pleased to have got that job out of the way. He can carry on moving house now :lol:

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