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Meet the new Cayman, same as the old Cayman...

Hardly a surprise, since it's basically the 981 Boxster with the old Cayman's roofline grafted on. Consequently the rear end looks oddly like a Panamera. Porsche's own head of design describes the 987 Cayman's styling as humble and modest. Well, the new one looks fat to me.


Wow was I impressed

Someone who is blown away ======>

<======= me.

Mik is correct. Think I might not notice when I first see one in the flesh.


Wow was I impressed

I still don't understand why anyone would pay more for one of those over a Boxster.

They have 10bhp more than the same engines in the Boxster. That's worth £2k isn't it? ;)

Just been reading about the rear strut brace visible through the tailgate glass. It's fake:


Wow was I impressed

Humble and modest, so you don't mistake them... for mountains?

As someone who has driven a convertible in the UK every day for the last 4 years, I'd take the tintop, ta.


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I was so excited about seeing this car. I will reserve my judgement until I see one in the flesh. First impressions are disappointing I thought they might make the roof a bit more dramatic but I suppose the saying is if it ain't broke why fix it.

Probably should wait to see one in the metal.But in places it does have the look of the Panamera, which it is going to as most car manufacturer's aim these days is to have a "corporate" thread running through the range. The description of the styling being humble and modest obviously just means "we have kept it basically the same ! "

I must admit I never saw the purpose of the Cayman in the range and can't really imagine why you would buy one in preference to the Boxster

Updated November 29, 2012 at 9:59 AM

The are between the air scoop and the rear wheel looks all wrong. It give the impression of more mass than it actually has, making it look bloated. I reckon if they sculpted it differently it would go along way to making it look better.

That yellow color and those wheels make it look a bit boring. If it was like this it would be an improvement.

Updated November 29, 2012 at 10:02 AM

I would have one over a standard 911. In the flesh, they should look great.



[quote="Alex88"]That yellow color and those wheels make it look a bit boring. If it was like this it would be an improvement.

What, you mean if they'd actually put some thought into it.

That blue one is a photoshop isn't it? The real thing has a slightly raised rear screen in comparison which is what makes it look fat.


Wow was I impressed

I believe it is. That same site had pictures of the new Boxster and several Caymans. All looked better than Porsche's own.

I like it. I'll have the R when it's available, ta.



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Even with the fundametally flawed dangerous nasty lack of power at 17mph in 6th that they've cynically tried to cover up? :shock:

Interesting sales figures -

'Last year in Europe just under 2,000 found homes, compared to 3,000 for the Boxster, 11,500 for the 911 and 18,000 for the Cayenne. It was also trounced by the Panamera at 7,500 sold'

So more Panamera's sold than Boxters and Caymans combined.

It's a shame they look so nondescript as an early Cayman S remains one of the nicest handling cars I have ever driven. I had my ACS M3 at the time and the Cayman made it feel like a barge.


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Did Boxster and Cayman production stop early last year or something? I find it hard to believe the 911 sold so many more examples, particularly since it also underwent a model change.

Updated November 29, 2012 at 10:58 AM


Wow was I impressed

I like it, still would buy a used 911 though :lol:


I used to be confused and now I'm not so sure.

not that bad(in these pictures):roll:

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