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I absolutely love that! My Cappuccino was a hoot to commute in, this one looks hilarious.

Not sure about Image wheels on it though; I had a set on my Z06 and although strong, they're quite heavy. On the Capp they must be about 25% of the weight of the car...

Looks fantastic though. I wonder how much to build another?

Z-Cars' Gixxer-engined Smart Roadster was the bane of me and evo's life though. Every time we lined up the other tuned Smarts to do a group test, the Z-Car one would break something. I ended up driving it separately and we had to Photoshop it into the group photo... :lol:


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That's just awesome! 8)


Something witty goes here.....

If you get all wobbly-lipped about the opinion of Internet strangers, maybe it's time to take a bath with the toaster as you'll never amount to sh1t anyway.


Unfortunately the car is static throughout - they need to join here to see an appropriate vid format :roll:

great fun

shame i wouldnt fit


Existence is pain ...



Always thought a bike engined Smart Roadster would be mega.....that looks even better.

caneswell said...

Always thought a bike engined Smart Roadster would be mega.....that looks even better.

To be honest, nowadays a well-built bike engined Smart Roadster would be a lot better. Strong, stiff chassis and mid-engined so traction wouldn't be as bad as I'd imagine that Cappuccino's to be.

Also they came with decently sized wheels so would be able to wear decent rubber to go with them.

But the Cappuccino is absolutely tiny and so cute. I fitted in mine no problem; wouldn't have wanted to have a crash in it though, especially not one propelled by 350hp rather than the 60-odd mine had...:?


Share your car adventures.

Real life with cars

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