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Circa 2006 model. Anyone driven or run one?

I expect MPG to be "some", but whilst my heart says "Quattroporte" I think this is likely to be a bit less ruinous over 3 years and 4-5k miles a year.

There's a nicely specced up one with an Audi warranty near me for around £15k*.

(* yes yes I know I can buy them cheaper elsewhere)



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I want one of these in a few years to replace the Saab so either buy a really nice one you can then sell me for two bags of revels in 3 years or at least keep us updated with how lovely the engine sounds and how iother than tyres it is cheap to run! :D

Wouldn't an S8 be a better option? Far better looking car IMO.

Quick search on PH shows the S8 is only slightly more expensive than the S6.

My cousin had an V10 S6 when he was a motor trader. Took him a lifetime to sell. Ride was poor, interior was brilliant. When the double glazed windows were down the sounds was fantastic too. Sadly I never drove it so I guess my input is meaningless ;)

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Come on Evo, sort it out ffs!! Speedingfine's posts are comming up at Tim ;)


People once said...

"You're right Dinny"

S6 the only small print to check is if the long life spark plugs have been changed at 80,000 miles. The reason is that the V10 engine/gearbox needs to be dropped to gain access to the rear most set as it sits underneath the bulkhead. Ask your local Audi dealer the cost of this in parts and labour as it can be a good haggling point ;)


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My dad test drove one (albeit much newer one that what you're looking at) back to back with a M5. It actually had a crapper ride, sounded 'meh', felt more like V8 performance than V10 and didn't like the way it handled.
(Didn't want an RS6 as he insisted on having something naturally aspirated).


How about not having a sig at all?

I had one on loan for a couple of weeks when I had my RS6 and really didn't like it. It doesn't feel that fast, and dynamically is poor. You then get the downsides of fuel consumption and ride on top of that.

I agree with the comment about re the S8, it is a far better car, and looks much nicer too.

Mito Man said...

felt more like V8 performance than V10

Bonus 8)

Quattroporto would be at least 14 million times more appealing to drive, look at and listen to. Are they really 14 million times more expensive to run?

Nice idea, but E60 M5 is surely a better decision.

caneswell said...

Quattroporto would be at least 14 million times more appealing to drive, look at and listen to. Are they really 14 million times more expensive to run?

This till the cows come home.



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The QP is becoming the new forum 911. :?

Somebody do it FFS.

Do it, but publish the accounts ;)

I was in a dealer looking at one but costs were errm, massive. A proper money no object guilty pleasure that has no sense or logical.

My dads friend has a 2005 Maserati quattroporte which has never gone wrong. That said he only uses it for his daily commute from Chelsea to London Docklands so low mileage but its in constant traffic and does 8-12mpg :lol: He takes it to an independent so the servicing is quite cheap...
Mind you the interior is quite fugly in the early cars.


How about not having a sig at all?

Tried a 2010 s6 earlier this year. Well built, very quick and handled ok. The V10 sounded excellent. Paddle shift gearbox encouraged gear changes. Preferred this engine to the V8 in the RS5.

Only worry would be if anything went wrong with the drivetrain - make sure you have a copper-bottomed warranty.



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why does everyone assume the Quattroporte would be ruinous? Hasn't Harry Metcalfe's Gran Turismo been fairly trouble free?

Top end Audis and Mercs can be equally ruinous, I know someone who runs an upmarket airport taxi firm who had an A6 that cost five figures in repair costs over the period they owned it....

HarryM's Maser isn't £15k, 8yrs and 100k miles old though...

I can't get excited about the C6 S6. The C5 had a special body with aluminium panels, wide arches etc while the C6 seems to be just a normal A6 hiding a ruinously uneconomical engine. I'd be tempted by a 3.0TDI Le Mans instead, I'm ashamed to say.


Wow was I impressed

Over on Motortrend (I think) a S8 clocked 0-60 in 3.5 secs! Youtube it. s8 vs b7



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1anf said...

Over on Motortrend (I think) a S8 clocked 0-60 in 3.5 secs! Youtube it. s8 vs b7


That's the new S8 with a turbocharged V8, not the old one with the naturally aspirated V10.


Wow was I impressed

3.5? Sounds a bit ambitious to me.

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