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Always our quietest time of year but it's getting on my nerves. I've given up on trying to find things to do.. Bonus won't be good either if December is anything like November.

Bloody work.

1/Alex88's position :?


and from the beginning think what may be the end.

Good news!

i need another quote. ;)

pm on it's way




Too many old sheds.

I need insurance for two cars!

Will pm you later!


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I need to PM you next month for renewal.


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I've had a mental year what with work and house pressures, I'm bloody glad its quiet at work at the moment!:lol:

Its gotten quite busy here lately which is good . Still not as stupidly busy as i was in my last position (53 hours a week , no overtime + no christmas bonus)

In other news Alex I will pm re insurance late jan - early feb

Christ, Alex - this forum's given you a fuck ton of business and now you come on here moaning you're quiet? ;)


Something witty goes here.....

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Just been through a rogue trading scandal at my workplace, so the past year has been very lean! And with little to look forward to either...

Since the redundancies were announced at work, my workload went through the floor. In the last month I was putting in a solid 30 minutes a week of work.

Still, I'm on paternity leave now and I don't have to go back so that's a good thing. 8)


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Delphi said...

Christ, Alex - this forum's given you a fuck ton of business and now you come on here moaning you're quiet? ;)

:lol: As much as I appreciate the business from here, it's a small amount compared to how many cases I write per month. Unfortunately we're just terribly quiet and the days are dragging by :(

I need to buzz you too don't I...will do that.


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