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I did mean to post this up in July.

4 up, 4 laps of the full circuit, this is 1 lap and it was a lot closer and tighter than it looks. Still we managed over 120 in the old girl, 130 earlier 2 up with less traffic, so not a bad day out.

classic Le mans parade laps...:D

So what ywas your highlight?

Updated November 23, 2012 at 3:46 PM


Spanner and Hammer speed shop.....Italian tune up specialist.

I never click on the links to people driving round tracks but I did and thoroughly enjoyed that.

Stand out moments were wriging it out and getting passed by the Porker spitting flames and boxing the nice 3200.

Also the driving gloves were rather special?? :D

Any photos of the car you were in?

Got a few..



Beer was red hot by the time we arrived...:oops:

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Spanner and Hammer speed shop.....Italian tune up specialist.

Driving my mates Clio 172 from Westport to Karamea on the South Island of NZ...must count as one of my top ten drives ever 8)

Running it a fairly close 2nd was my drive down Northern France in September.

ETA: Lovely Ferrari there Mark 8)

Updated November 23, 2012 at 4:12 PM

They do look nice but so slow by todays standards!

Is it yours? And are the driving gloves yours? ;)

It is mine, but mine is a 3.4T with said to be 300bhp and a tad quicker....although not modern ferrari fast, point taken.

Driving gloves were part of the "spirit" of the classic, ie dressing up. Ok we hammed it up and didn't look that special but all part of taking part and having fun.


Spanner and Hammer speed shop.....Italian tune up specialist.

The day I took these was certainly one of the highlights.

June, Caterham for the day, Speyside and Cairngorms to play on:

IMG_1241 by kiteless, on Flickr

IMG_1284 by kiteless, on Flickr

The final drive to Nordkapp at midnight with only 4th gear in a snowstorm up a steep mountain pass.



I came here to drink milk and kick ass..... and i've just finished my milk!!!!

6th Gear Experience was probably my highlight, just beating chasing Dan (post-spin) in Ben's 911 after the karting meet.

Updated November 23, 2012 at 4:42 PM


Driving a Galaxy far, far away

3am 100 mile dash to the airport in a rented diesel Golf.

crap year of driving for me

My driving highlight of the year was probably from home in the Borders up to Forres to see my parents with my 4 year old daughter in the front with me, just the two of us.

I used to do the same trip with just my Dad when I was young but going from Forres to the Borders. I loved it as he went a wee bit faster without Mum and my brother and sister in the car. I remember hitting 75 in our champagne Gold Allegro estate. 8)

Fast forward 30 years and the Saab estate is roughly the same shape but probably twice as heavy and 5 times the power.

Emily kept asking "can we overtake all the slow people Daddy?" That's my girl. :D

6am, deserted lake district back roads, r8 spyder with the roof down and 120 leptons


Updated November 23, 2012 at 4:53 PM


Existence is pain ...



Taking my M3 down to Moffat the day after I bought it was pretty good fun.


I often drive for a road travel

Driving my 355 on route 33, only managed it a couple of times this year.


Driving the Italian/Swiss passes in October, though almost as fun was following some locals in the dark down the twisty roads along the edge of lake como - they don't hang around!




this for me

Brilliant roads and probably the best day of the year :)


New Skool Turbo Power

YouTube Channel

That reminds me, I put One of the stelvio clips on YouTube - no spectacular driving skills or glossy editting, but still a bit if fun!





Circling around the whole of Iceland on route 1. Utterly breathtaking from start to finish

Ahem, er, stuff in a car, quickly, some smoke, high jinks etc etc.*

*sanitised version, in case this gets printed.;)

Was lots of fun mind.....:lol:

Updated November 23, 2012 at 7:54 PM

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