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Hi!My friend just imported an 2000 model year Alfa 166 diesel manual(I'm not so familiar with Alfa).To get the license in my country, he has to pass all of the emission tests. One of the very cruel rule is that the car must have a OBD2 connector. Does anyone know if this car has it or not? Thanks a lot!


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I've got a feeling it may have the special Alfa port - it's not OBD2, it needs special software like alfadiag or alfaobd to read it. EU requirements for OBD2 didn't come in until 2001 for petrol, 2004 for diesel and I don't think Alfa adopted it until required to.

Does it need to be standard OBD2, or can you get away with showing it has on-board diagnostics via an accessible port and you can read fault codes, etc? If it's the latter you should be OK. may be a better place to ask.

Updated November 23, 2012 at 12:44 PM

Thanks a lot! Yea, I remember we don't have OBD2 on e39 until 2001.Our DMV officer said we have to have that port or they can't do the emission test. I know there are some cables to transfer the original port to OBD2, but I'm not sure if the DMV will allow. Anyway, thanks!


Alpina B10 Touring 017

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