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Arrived home to a letter from teh coonsil advising that I has contravened a bus lane.

Confused, 'cos I don't do that. :?

Pics however prove otherwise, and I recognise it as a road quite near the house. It is one of these (stupid) 24hr bus lanes so you can never use it. Even more confusing that I have then.... :?

Hardly any traffic around, and it occured ay 16:40 on a Saturday.

Really confused now. Why have i done that? :? :?

Picture taken at a junction. Traffic lights. Bus lane and main route both go straight ahead, and there is a smaller road going off to the right.

Then I spot the rear bumper of the car in the outside lane (ie the only lane that isn't a bus lane) - just leaving the shot in the first of two images.

Aha - coming back to me now. I was approaching the junction - he was turning right with traffic coming the other way, so I moved into the bus lane to go round him, then moved into the correct lane again.

Brilliant. :roll:

Quick research suggests that the highway code doesn't cover this very well. Some councils (eg Notingham City) publish further guidance as shown below, but this isn't taken from the HC.

There are a small number of reasons when it is OK to drive in a bus lane during the time it is in operation. Among these are;
• when directed to do so by a police officer in uniform;
• to avoid a collision or debris in the road;
• to drop off or pick up a passenger;
to undertake a vehicle turning right(in this case ensure that the route back out of the bus lane is clear before undertaking);
• To enter or exit a driveway to a roadside property.
In all cases it is expected that the stay in the bus lane is as brief as possible.

£60 fine, reduced to £30 if I pay up within 28days.

If I wish to make any representation (ie contest it) I lose the option of the £30 fine - it will either be cancelled or I'll be told it is £60 (or take it to court of course).

So start battling out of principle, or pay up the 30 notes and forget about it?

Discuss :)

Updated November 22, 2012 at 6:28 PM

Pay and forget.


It feels like that. Like a donkey. On a skateboard.

I've been using bus lanes in London to do that since I've been here... never got done for it. Hope that helps.;)

TBH the amount of effort it would take to fight it is probably worth more than £30, but you've probably got a chance of winning if there's no guidance from the council and precedents from elsewhere.

Edit to say JLIC BTW.

Updated November 22, 2012 at 6:35 PM


Now stop trolling me you hat-wearing thundermut.

What road is this in Glasgow? I often use the bus lanes when not permitted but never (so far) had a letter yet.



Free bad advice time: fight it.


Wow was I impressed

Contest it, you have the evidence in the photo. It's a win/win: it'll cost £30 extra to contest it if you lose, or save you £30 if you win. I like those odds.



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Dont think youll get done for that if someone with a brain looks at it.

Contest it. Contest it for the right to be correct. I believe in the country England used to be. Or something.


How about not having a sig at all?

If you have time on your hands I'd fight it just to be a Pain otherwise I'd pay up and move on.
If we all contested these silly little things they wouldn't have the resources to cope and the system would grind to a halt :P
Go on mik contest it! :twisted:

Glasgow is not in England you fanny!

Contest it.

It sounds like the one piece of documentation you have on your side relates to somewhere in a different country about 3,000 miles away aka England - whereas they have proof that you were in the bus lane.

Pay up and move on. 30 quids' fvck all.


It feels like that. Like a donkey. On a skateboard.

SimonB said...

Dont think youll get done for that if someone with a brain looks at it.

As its a local authority the chances of this happening are pretty negligible.

I'd fight it anyway on the principle it'll cost them more than £30 to deal with it.


Just say no to inline fours.

It must be me. If he fights it, it's £60. So is it going to cost more than £60 for them to deal with it? Probably. But I'm sure Mik would rather that £60 was (almost) a tank of fuel. Or kids to the cinema. Or something.

£30 is nothing. If you fight it you'll probably get away with it but is it going to be worth £30 of your time? Probably not.

I'd say it'd be worth the risk of a £60 fine to get them to clarify the rules on temporarily straying in - might be worth contacting local press about it if goes the wrong way.

COUNCIL RAKING IN MONEY FROM POOR ROAD PLANNING etc. They don't like that sort of thing in the local press...

A friend of mine works in the legal dept of a charity.

They are currently contesting a ticket for stopping in a yellow checked no parking/stopping/blocking thing in London. The local council say their quad bike had stopped in it. The photographic evidence they provide is of a motorbike.

The license plate has never belonged to the charity. The charity does use quad bikes. The picture is of a motorbike.

They are still fighting this.


Beany said...

Oh dear lord can I marry you? <3

Well you have 2 choices
First: Pay £30 - around 6hrs at min wage.
Second you should fight it and spend your time doing a blow by blow account of the laws and bylaws of the local council and the various details of roads in Glasgow. You also need to post this on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and other automotive forums and lets make this clear - you will need to make a video blog and post it on Youtube/Vimeo of your battle against the system.


If you don't look back after parking your car, you didn't buy the right one

Contest it in the first instance. I've done this a few times with parking tickets and its worked on chatting with the folk in the payment office (which is in the Merchant City, or used to be at least).

If you get a negative response from them, pay it then.


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What law are they using here? I ask as this sounds a bit like those car parking tickets that are in fact speculative invoices under social contract ledegslation. Is it from a local authority or is it from a company claiming to act on their behalf?

Not sure really of the answer, surely the Internet has evidence of others paying, failing or forgetting?


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Fight it, join me!.....I'm currently refusing to pay a £150 (yep!) penalty for parking in a 'free' car park for 13 minutes longer than the permitted 3 hrs!

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