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GTV or 2001-2004 147. Opinions?

I'm considering both atm. they can be picked up for relative peanuts ($7500 for a nice ~130,000km example) here, and tick a few boxes for me:

the 147 has similar size and space as my current car, but more power, and it's quite pretty (until the '04 facelift). dreaded alfa reliability doesn't seem to be an issue from what i've read.

the gtv just kind of has that fugly-but-i-like-it appeal, and is a coupe, and italian, which is the closest i'm likely to get to a pagani. again it's got a bucket more power than the current car, and looks like a nice place to be.

i haven't test driven either yet, but will possibly start sampling some in the coming weeks. apart from these i've been looking @ SUVs (STRAYA), so nothing more 'evo' is really likely to rear it's head in their place.

for reference:

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RIP Alfa. Now what will people who pretend to care about driving buy? :cry:


Will nobody think of the forum conventions? :(

Mamma mia! Alfa... Morte:cry:


McSwede said...

Never realised Gilles was a Southern fanny though. He seemed like such a decent chap. I shall eye him with suspicion from this day forth ;)

Ciao Alfa è durato un'eternità


TurboRenault Forum !

My mate has a 125,000+ mile 147. He checks the oil weekly and replaces the Cam belt every 5 minutes/ 30k, whichever comes sooner. Only problems in that time have been split PS pipe and a few bulb related issues.
He loves it.

I quite fancy a GT, tbh.

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"It's like he's immortal but sh1t" - @NotoriousRev
"You look like a Jelly Baby from down the back of the sofa"

GTVs are massive trouble aren't they?

I was talked out of getting one by a GTV-owning mate.


F*ck the internet, I was doing this My Way.

It's pure luck. Depends what day of the week your Alfa was made. It will either be the most reliable car you have ever owned or it will break down once a month. There's no in between.


How about not having a sig at all?

Not a fan of the non-GTA 147's looks - so I'd get the GTV.

Not sure on the whole GTV do's-and-don'ts....might be worth asking over at


AMG Owners

147 is nice enough based on the same platform as my gt.
Reliable overall just find a good independent alfa specialist and you will be fine .

GTV's are exceptionally cheap and CAF 8)

cheers. the 147 is definitely the more sensible choice in that it is still 5drs and smallish, but nicer and faster than my current ride. the gtv is ugly as fvck and consequently i want it more. :/

i've been reading a bit on the alfaowner forums and such like, but am still a bit wobbly...i shall update if a purchase is made/a proper hunt commences.

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