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CLICKY (36 minutes)

Why do the Americans always refer to them as Legos rather than Lego ?

Updated November 16, 2012 at 3:10 PM

EuroGamer review

9/10 8)

Also, amusing little special move :lol:

As you know, my apathy towards the Lego game series recently has been almost deafening (no disrespect, they're great games, just a bit same-old-same-old)..

This franchise however.. man I am so going to play this to death.

Is there a Lego Hobbit due ?

Updated November 20, 2012 at 4:36 PM

We're limited by a number of factors, time being a major one as they seem intent on bashing these out quickly while we have the licence and they still sell well, but that said the kids do seem happy that the mechanics stay reasonably constant as you don't have that learning curve that a new game sometimes entails.

I can't say much about future projects of course, but we're already onto the next one and its not Hobbit..

Funny enough this is going under the xmas tree for me. From me. :oops:

I cant bloody wait.


Bunta's Tofu

Barry, on a personal level, if they haven't got another killer franchise lined up to follow the Lego games, get ready to jump ship as soon as it looks like the shine has gone off.


"It's like he's immortal but sh1t" - @NotoriousRev
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I think they'll keep going until the licence or sales dry up, which by current standards is a few years off yet I imagine. We have the WB catalogue to pull from too, should we need to. Our reputation for non Lego licences isn't so great though, so I'd hope they'd learn from what we've achieved on these, moving forward.

As for moving on, to where?! Most UK places are either churning out the same thing each year (*cough* EA) or its non stop FPS which doesn't appeal to me at all frankly. I'll have to come up with something else or move abroad..

Doing ok considering its the same as all the others - Metacritic :lol:


(I do hope TT are not locked down with any of this "Metacritic HAS to average 9.9 or you are all fired" attitude?)


Bunta's Tofu

Nothing of the sort, certainly not on the shop floor anyway. Obviously we compare results with previous projects but we're just happy to see respectable results coming through usually! Bonus time soon, so this all helps ;)

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