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Youtube clack

Details here


So was it the yellow car that caused that or the outside red and black one? Everyone talked as if someone was bang out of order!

Fucking retards.


The two reds were already crashing when yellow arrived.

I don't follow it, but it sounds like the chap was punted off previously in the season and did similar back. Siunds fair enough to me, he just did it better because the other driver saw his championship chance disappear. A good value for money manoeuvre.

The red car and the blue car had a race.

Poxy country.


BMW Car Magazine @QuentlyBentin

Childish but understandable by the sounds of it. Makes for interesting telly too of course ;)

I was just imagining Massa scampering down to McLaren and punching Hamilton's lights out.

NASCAR is great. My boy has developed a fixation with it since we went to Daytona. I see a NASCAR Scalextric setup in my near future. :lol:



Si_ said...

I was just imagining Massa scampering down to McLaren and being put on his bum by Hamilton the far taller Karate Black Belt.


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