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This is for sale at a dealer near me.. CLICKY

Just so you know.. they're NOT FIBREGLASS wheel arches.. That's OK then.


same colour as the 205 wide body near me! :lol:

Those wheels - specially customised, or simply centres unbolted and rims reversed...?


Wow was I impressed

It's a manual - that would be superb if it hadn't been arse-raped in terms of its appearance.

I'm ignoring those numbers that appear within the advert, as they probably refer to some reference number of some sort. Offer 2k.

Updated November 13, 2012 at 12:32 PM


It feels like that. Like a donkey. On a skateboard.

I recall seeing an Alpina B12 years ago and always wanted one, they just looked really good. That 8 series makes me want to be sick though.

Why haven't BMW re-hashed the 8 series lately?

That bonnet shut-line is horrendous. I reckon it's been smashed up and they've come up with those eye-watering modifications as part of the re-build process.


Something witty goes here.....

If you get all wobbly-lipped about the opinion of Internet strangers, maybe it's time to take a bath with the toaster as you'll never amount to sh1t anyway.

It looks like a Zeemax conversion. Unfortunately, being from Norfolk, I am all too familiar with his work, as he is based in Griston:

Zeemax E31 conversions


Nordschleife - there's only two barriers to worry about - the ones on the left and the ones on the right!

JL said...

It's a manual - that would be superb if it hadn't been arse-raped in terms of its appearance.


There aren't enough of those around as it is, last thing that we need is some bastard doing that to one :cry:


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Definitely an acquired taste. That is awful.


Driving a Galaxy far, far away

I'm not entirely against it.
Discounting the colour - that wouldn't work on a standard 8 - the arches aren't too bad, it's the front and rear valances and winglets on the sills that ruin it. In a dark colour they'd largely be lost, but that doesn't mean I'm excusing them. Aside from all that, they could have put new plates and front sidelight glass in.
Regarding rarity of manual 850s, I know one was lost to the scrappage scheme :(

I'd rather have the Velvet Blue 840 I saw earlier in the year though :P (I'd go for pretty much anything in that colour).


WTF have they done. Another example of how to ruin a perfectly good car and then charge 5 times more than it's worth.


Nuts on the road

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