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I don't have bundles of cash to throw at a car; big mortgage, 4 kids etc see to that, but I am as keen as any of you about driving an evo car..
I sold a 306 Gti-6, because it was getting too old and costly, bought a puma. The puma is a solid car and v cheap to run but I fancy a change.
I have my heart set on a mk3 MR2
Question is; do I keep my puma and spend a few quid on it to improve it or splash out about 2 grand on an mr2?

If you don't need 4 seats and a boot then I can't think of a single reason why you'd keep the puma.


But buy carefully.


"Do you even like cars?" - NathanFBIAhmadi

'If you don't need 4 seats and a boot then I can't think of a single reason why you'd keep the puma.'

Is that puma bashing or enthusiasm for the mr2?

Enthusiasm probably, Dan owned one and Si_ still does.


Much blasphemy ensued, and some menace, which I stopped by dismounting and opening the carriage door, and intimating an intention of mending the road with his immediate remains, if he did not hold his tongue. He held it.

Enthusiasm for sure, nothing wrong with a puma but like I said if you don't need the space why on earth wouldn't you get yourself a little rear wheel drive roadster.


I do get it; the mr2 is a far more enticing prospect but its about money.... play safe with the puma or is it a gamble to go with the Toyota?

The Puma is the greatest car evar.

damo.666 said...

I do get it; the mr2 is a far more enticing prospect but its about money.... play safe with the puma or is it a gamble to go with the Toyota?

Apart from the initial outlay I can't imagine an MR2 costing any more to run. Maybe to insure I guess? I get the impression they do a lot less rusting than the equivalent MX5s?

Good work with the thread title

The puma has been wonderful and has cost pocket money to run, maybe this had spoiled me a little in terms of out lay. But I just fancy something a bit more exotic than a fiesta in a posh frock....
The lack of seats in the mr2 will be a bind now and again, but sod it; I want the selfishness of it!

Has there ever been an EVO mr2 buying guide? I can't remember there being one....

I've had mine undersealed against rust.

Watch out for wear on the hood, especially early models, as they are easier to replace the entire mechanism from a scrappy than replace the fabric.

They all leak. They're designed to leak. But the drains can block and flood the buckets/boot.

Facelift model has some fixes in to make it less likely to spin off and kill you, and to stop the engine lunching the piston rings, degrading the pre-cats, re-ingesting them, ovalling out the bores, and eventually running dry on oil, seizing, and throwing a piston through the block. Happened to my neighbour :)

Mine runs on fresh air. Driven with lots of enthusiasm, I get 250+ miles off a £45 fillup.
Tax is £210 a year. My insurance is around £400 with business use.
Tyres last a few years (unless you're Dan Webster). Servicing costs me £100 per year. It doesn't use any oil. Full set of disks and pads cost me £150 fitted. New clutch was under £200 fitted, IIRC.

The only reasons I'd swap mine are that it doesn't work on my steep icy road in winter, and because it only has 2 seats and minimal boot.
My dog falls off the leather seats, and the boot isn't big enough for my massive rucksack.

Oh, and it feels very vulnerable on the motorway. And will kill you if you drive like a fanny on greasy surfaces.


"Do you even like cars?" - NathanFBIAhmadi

Basically I agree with what Si said, I went from a puma to mine and no matter how much you throw at a puma you are not going to get it in the roadsters league. .as long as you're sure you can live with 2 seats and a boot space that you won't use as it's so bloody restricted then buy one, they are a blast!

Did I mention mine's for sale...

Go on Zonda, tell me about yours then :-)

I need to sell mine fairly soon, too :D

Apparently I need a grown-up car to go with my grown-up job :(


"Do you even like cars?" - NathanFBIAhmadi

Si_ said...

Tyres last a few years (unless you're Dan Webster).

:lol: I only owned mine for 11 months and used 4 sets of rears. Fronts last years though I'm sure :D


Oh I got a grown up job, bit too grown up. That's part of the reason why I want a car that's not grown up....

Sent you a pm.

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