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Following on from the longest thread, what car have you kept the shortest time?

Mine was my first car. 82 X reg Fiesta 1.3 Ghia. BOught in Galashiels where I lived on the Thursday or Friday, drove to Forres where my folks lived. It fired sparks out the back on the bypass and lost powere regulalr which worried slightly then I took it to the garage where I did my work experience and put it on the hoist and we peeled back inner arches to see lots of worn wiring and a hold in the floor etc.

Left it there on the Saturday morning so about 36 hours and 200 miles I think. :oops:

THen I got a gold Maestro 1.3 HL....... :shock:

Where shall I start..

My first car I only had for 6 months; bought it around my 18th birthday but my parents made me sell it when I went to university.

My Alpina only lasted 6 weeks before going back for a refund. Still longer than my 525i Touring this year which I only bought for the alloys and to sell on; that stayed a couple of weeks only. And I had a Saab 9000 Aero in late 2006 which stayed less than 2 months; it was obvious it wasn't for me and I sold it for a profit to someone who had posted a wanted ad on Saabscene.

45 minutes.

My third elise, had it about 4 weeks and drove it two or three times only.


Mk1 xr2 - owned 2 days and sold for 40 percent profit.

Two months of the citrus E39 facelift 530i Sport before I got fed up of it leaving me stranded.

my first car was a nissan micra which i got for free from my sister. I owned the car for just over a year but only drove it for 7 months as i couldnt afford the insurance when i was in college also I was drunk most of the time so i couldnt have driven it anyway.

Less than 12 hours

My 1st Saxo VTR lasted 8 days before someone crashed into the side of it writing it off.
Ignis only lasted 6 months before i was bored of it.

Forgot i bought a Cinquecento 899cc from a garage for £50 as it wanted a gearbox, the selector cable had come off :lol:
Great diagnosis on their part and a 24 hour £500 profit 8)

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exiges said...

Where shall I start..



and from the beginning think what may be the end.

My first Cooper S was written off by a flood at the dealership while having the pre-delivery checks a couple of days before I was due to collect it.

So -2 days.

Beat that.

Si_ said...

So -2 days.

Beat that.

And I thought +2 days might win! :cry:

ROughly 4 months I think but I was only driving it for 5 weeks.

My MK4 Golf GT Tdi, it was a lovely car for shlebbing about in but I instantly missed the power of my old Peugeot and fuel economy wasn't the driving force in having it anyway.



I came here to drink milk and kick ass..... and i've just finished my milk!!!!

My compact, which was around 20 months from memory.




Too many old sheds.

exiges said...

Where shall I start..



Jimmy Choo said...

Hang on, Motors is on Freeview now??? I'm off to rescan!

ilmostro said...

Yeah - it's only been mentioned on this forum about 10 million times!

My Alfa 156 SW - just under 2 years. Despite buying at 3 years old and 60k miles, it still depreciated by £330 a month :lol:

Thought I was gonna do well until I saw -2 days, but....
Put a deposit on a E280 saloon some years back. Was going to pick it up at the arranged time only for the seller to call me to say the car had developed a knock from the rear and he couldn't sell it to me... bit of a let down but fair play to him in the end.
So -2 hours.....:-)

Shorted has to my Astra mk3 1.6. It was complete crap and I couldn't put up with it any longer. 2 months is all I could take.

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Nuts on the road

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