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I recently sold my 2007 Z4 M Coupe, about a month shy of its 5-year anniversary. Despite being 50 years old, that's the longest I've kept anything. Indeed, it's more than twice as long as I've kept anything else. Zonda noted that his MR2 is his longest-owned car - what's yours.

(Claims of watch-grinding can be holstered, btw - I'm ineligible; just curious.)


Mini Cooper S: + Strong performance, overall feel. - Over-long gearing.
Boxster S:+ Still an impeccable Sports car. - Very little.

Recently burried our Honda Civic which we had for 9 years exactly. Stunningly reliable apart from the end. RIP.


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I've only had 2 cars. I had my old Peugeot for just over 3 and a half years, I've owned the Civic for just over 2 and a half years and it will be probably go at around 3 and a half years for an S2000, 2ZZ MR2, 130 or Clio 200.


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The focus hit its 10th birthday (well, 10 years since being registered as new by us) a couple months ago.

Off the topic of cars, my folks are still using the microwave they bought about 20 years ago :D


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mik said...

:lol: sorry to snigger Giles, but that's the nicest cvnty phrase I've read for ages. Will recycle.

I normally change my cars every two year but I kept my R32 DSG for 5 years. I was still smiling from driving it the day I handed it back. It was just such a good all round everyday package, easy to driving in heavy traffic, you can get the family and weekly shopping in it, it was fun down the lanes, fantastic noise and took the worst of the snow in its stride on stock tyres.

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Existence is pain ...



Had the Land Cruiser for 6 years last month. I guess the M5 is in 2nd place - 5.5 years so far.


It feels like that. Like a donkey. On a skateboard.

Only car that I've owned for more than three years was second mk2 Golf. Had it for 11 years, three engines, two gearboxes, three sets of brakes, five sets of wheels and tyres etc etc

Car I would buy back in a heartbeat. Audi 90Q 20V that thing had soul 8)

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I'd rather be wrong than dull

Peugeot 306 GTi 6 had it 12 years. Bought it 10 month old from my local pug dealer. I loved that car, so much fun with the loo. It's my mates now and prob one of the best examples of a GTi 6 in the country.
Beat that peeps!

My first car was a Citroen 2cv to which I retrofitted disc brakes. I had that for 3 years. I once went round a fairly sharp corner with 4 mates of mine in the car and snapped the chassis on the left side...


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Think I've had my Exige about 7yrs

Smart Roadster Coupe, accessible fun, I still miss it even though my current ride has 320 more BHP :(
It was the only car I've been caught speeding in and always shocked other drivers how quickly it went round roundabouts.

The 166 was 4 years before it expired. I made the mistake of watching the old top gear reviews (both Tiff and Clarkson versions) and I want one again. :oops:


Even my earwax is radioactive.

I've had the Golf just a smidgen under 11 years. Still on its original engine, gearbox and battery. 3 sets of brakes, two sets of wheels and countless sets of tyres. Flywheel was replaced at 110k. Needs a new CV joint and front top mount at the moment.

I've had the 968 for just under 8 years. Had to have new cams when I first bought it, which wasn't cheap :shock: The only other thing which have been expensive which required sorting was the rear brake calipers needed rebuilding :? Unfortunately I think the fronts will need sending away soon as well. I've spent a fortune on refreshing the suspension though.

Time for a new car next year, for sure.

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The V70s just passed its 5th year under my ownership, which makes it the one I've kept longest. Its such a good all round car, I've grown quite attached to it really.



Mine is the Fiesta at 3.5 years. The 130 I have now is 2nd at 2.5 years. Everything else is somewhere between a year and 18 months.

Marv said...

Time for a new car next year, for sure.


Talk to me.


Now stop trolling me you hat-wearing thundermut.

I'd love to say the Mk3 MR2, but I bought the family Focus Estate a month earlier :lol::?

Oh, actually, it's still the 1974 VW Beetle 1303L, in white. I had that a good 7 years.


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duncs500 said...

Marv said...

Time for a new car next year, for sure.


Talk to me.


Not that sure yet Duncs. It must pass the simple criteria of having more than four cylinders though ;)

I am up into the high 30 for cars owned in the last 18 years so none have hung around all that long.

I think I kept the Puma for almost 3 years, the Leon Cupra was just shy of three years and the Saab has just passed 2. I think the AX GT was about 2 years too.

SO the Puma, possibly the best EVO car was he one I had the longest.

We've had the Loltus since June 1996 - what do we win :lol: ?
Next is the UK300, at Sept 2001, the Escort since April 2002, the M3 August 2010 and the RB320 Sept 2010.


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