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More detail on your possible new toy car please. Is it a replacement or in addition to the Mondial?

In addition my fried, the Ferrari is a keeper....for now. That should be off for a new Larini exhaust soon as well, so i'll let you all know how that goes as well. Actuall i should blog agin aboiut the classic le mans and wales thinking about it..


An MX5, a Mk1 with the pop up lights and much to Jobbo's relief an import as well.

The Ferrari is staying, but it just will not take the punishment of bening hooned around the lanes for an hour or two chasing mates in various VX220, westfields, elises etc. It keeps up, but it is not relxing to drive such and will break something expensive shortly. I did that in wales earlier in the year on a boys driving weekend, it did not fail me and i got home easily, but the bill was £1300 to fix all the issues.

Looked as lots of options, even back at westfields again but i just do not want to spend weekends on my back changing engines etc anymore....grown out of that. TVR chimera was a close second, purely on the noise it was 1st obviously, but at the cheap end of the budget it would require work and welding and well time....

No, i want a car that i can just jumo in and start, topless (the car!), drift around and have fun in but at licence friendly speeds, do the odd track day in if i fancy and is dirt cheep to purchase and run. Mk1 MX5 fits the bill.

Looked at lots and 2 more today, one was a Mazdaspeed tuned car the other one of the endless special editions that exist. Will sleep on it and think agin in the morning on which or to keep looking.


Spanner and Hammer speed shop.....Italian tune up specialist.

Hi Mark, sorry I missed this when you replied. I previously thought the MX5 was a car for your wife - or maybe it was and it's morphed into your second car too now ;)

I had a Mk1 MX5 a while back, many here know I hated the bloody thing and it propelled me into my first Caterham, my Superlight R. A reason to like it if there was one :) Anyway, my personal spin on it is that getting a modified car, even mildly, like Jobbo's with the better suspension etc is a good idea if it's going to be a B road blaster, as mine was awful as standard IMHO. A pogoing shitty nightmare at over 7/10s. That said, I could've been wrong though as two test drivers for Jag working for Mike Cross bought it off me and declared it the best example they'd driven!

For contrast, I went in Jon Madden from here's Mk1 MX5 on track and on B roads which had KYB suspension, some stiffening and that was a much better car all round. Maybe he'll remind you of the spec.

Have you considered a Mk3 MR2? My exes car was only £2700, a lot of car for the money.

Ta for posting, look forward to blogging.


I know what you mean about pogoing. I looked at some where the owner was proudly detailing the blisten suspension, forgetting the fact that they were 20 years old and 120k worn:D

I have found a 60k 95 car, imported only in 06 and known since then by the garage selling it. It has new shocks, belts etc, and importantly drove well, so that looks like the one. Not too keen on the modified route, done that to death with the westfields over the years and was all too easy to spend cash and wreck a good car if not 100% sure what you wanted

Did look at the MR2 and did like it, more alert and sharper, but so less forgiving and I have one mid engined car, so no need for another. Also I am funding this on beer money and the insurance and initial purchase cost all start to make it expensive...well relatively.

Funnily enought I have just purchased a car for the wife, she really did not like the Panda 100hp, so we traded it for a 500c twin air. It is 100% hers not mine honest.:D

I must blog about the Ferrari trips as well, but will let you know how it goes


Spanner and Hammer speed shop.....Italian tune up specialist.

More on the TwinAir will be required too, love 'em! :D

Out of interest why did you mrs hate the panda mark - i always thought they would be a fun city car if a bit stiff.

Panda was excellent fun, but you had to work at it to get the rewards. The wife had a diesel polo sport before and the panda is chalk and cheese. You have to rev it to make it shift and it was also pretty live with daily when about town.

Kids loved the blacked windows making faces, financially it was a great deal, but at 3 years old she fancied a change did not need the boot space anymore, bit more MPH, and something tourqueier to drive. She also wanted a convertible but and this is a really odd request, not a cold one in the back. I had an e36 M3 evo convertible for a while, but the kids found it far too cold in the back, so needed a convertible that was not too windy and cold. The Fiat 500c is perfect.


Spanner and Hammer speed shop.....Italian tune up specialist.

cheers - i always fancied one to bob around with the dog in the back.

yes strange request about the convertible:D

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