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Any suggestions? I have a stack of Instagram type apps on my iPhone.
Is there a simple, easy to use app for the PC which is any good? Ideally free. seems quite good.


Now fueled by heavy oil...



IrfanView (more for batching stuff)


Do you need an app? Photobucket has a fairly usable photo editor available online, though obviously you've got to upload your pics.

I think I'm near the photobucket limit without having to pay.

I have used Gimp before, and found it powerful but overly complicated, and resource intensive.

Maybe I just need a new laptop... ;)

Photobucket limit? There is no limit for uploading photos, there's only a bandwidth limit for downloads.

I'm sure they sent me an email asking for money. Maybe it was a hoax. I haven't been on for a couple of years :D

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Si_ said...

Any suggestions? I have a stack of Instagram type apps on my iPhone.
Is there a simple, easy to use app for the PC which is any good? Ideally free.


Oh wait you said easy to use :oops:



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Ah a fellow gimp user bravo



photoshop, and stop being sucky.

Photoscape, totally free, :lol:

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I wasn't something which will run in a 3yr old net book, and a 12yr old can use.
He was sweating at mspaint last night when it crashed and lost his homework :D

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