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So I've been made an offer to join a company in Monaco.
Salary seems to be good albeit heavily weighted towards performance..

Does anyone have any advice? Apartments, money, things to do, general costs. Anything at all really. I'd love to get some feedback before making the decision


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commute from nice!

That's a whole topic right there!

So the way I've been explained it is this: Monaco zero income tax - Nice (FR) 30ish% income tax. Which effectively means that on a 100k EUR salary balances out the apartment costs.

Also you then don't have to have the 1 hr daily commute..

What do you reckon?


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I'm curious what business sector with prb trades in Monaco?

Just over the border west of Monaco are plenty of apartments available at a fraction of the cost of Monaco rent and get a motorbike/scooter You'll be able to rent up to end April for sensible dough then it gets silly season. Train commute another option take your pick of stations.

Have you been there?

Hey Bandido,

Commodity trading - Oil & Lubes

Been to Monaco and the South of France many many times. Although somehow now that I have a firm attractive offer I am looking the commuting question slightly differently..


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Good biz, good luck!

Thanks man!

I've been looking at throwing 1,800 EUR/month at a 1 bed apartment - the lack of income tax means that the extra 800 EUR/month in rent is immediately offset and it seems a saving is to be made actually.

The most important thing is of course the choice of company car coming up. Sadly it will be something very middle of the road!

Someone should explain to me why I am way more interested in a Skoda Yeti than a low rent 3 series or A4???


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Lots of nice mountain roads around Monaco.

Well done on getting a job there 8)

Thanks man the route napoleon will be interesting!!


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Where are you from then?

Monaco isn't that far from my favourite route I've ever driven :D

Oh and wanting a Skoda Yeti isn't that crazy...I quite like them!

What's that road then Marv? I'll definitely be giving it a try!

British. Grew up in Greece and have lived in France, Italy, The States (best times evaarr - I had a Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab as a company car) and Switzerland. All of the above for a minimum of a year at a time.


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Here's the route

Gorges de la Vesubie, Col De Turini, Col St Martin, Col de Valberg, Gorges du Cian, Gorges du Daluis and a whole load more, all in one day :D

I drove it a few years ago, in September. Absolutely traffic free throughout :shock:

Good luck with the new job - let us know how you get on and find life around Monaco 8)

Hi Khatmandu.

Do you want to live in an apartment that's the size of a postage stamp!? I think for the cash you mentioned you'd be looking at studios around the 30-40m2, not 1 bed apartments.

Additionally, no parking let alone a garage, so if you want to have a car out there - do what Daddy says ;) - and live in France. It won't take an hour to get in unless you're in rush hour and then you're screwed anyway. Also, you'll need to get out of Monaco to drive on fun roads...

Have a tax specialist (prob a couple in Monaco) assess/limit your tax liability if you live in France (but work in Monaco).

Best of luck!

ETA: 'h' to your name!

Updated 14 November 2012 at 10:26 AM


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